How To Replace Undermount Kitchen Sink


Published on April 26th, 2018

Your kitchen is a very vital section of your house. It is where you prepare meals to consume and sustain life. When designing a kitchen setup, there are top considerations that you must take into account. The kitchen working triangle ought to be your top consideration.

Talking of the working triangle, this is the space between your sink, cooker, and the kitchen counter. This space determines how effective your workflow in the kitchen will be.

The sink in your kitchen is yet another big consideration. Its installation, quality, durability and the replacement should be factored in.

How do you replace undermount kitchen sink? Continue reading to find out how.


1. Select The Appropriate Undermount Sink For Replacement



This step is very important because you do not wish to replace your Undermount sink with an option that is not in line with the old sink.

You must ensure there is compatibility. This is done by carrying out two important activities;

  • Take measurements of your old sink to ensure that the new Undermount sink fits well in the countertop without the need for modifications.
  • Take note of components that need replacement such as the faucets, sprayers, soap dispenser, hot water tap or filtered water tap. This will help you with the installation of vital components that you need in your kitchen at the sink.


2. Remove Your Old Sink

At this step, you are doing the actual preparation for bringing in the new undermount sink. Removing the old Undermount sink involves the following activities.

  •  Turn off the hot and cold water supply lines through the shutoff valves located beneath the sink or from the main water line.
  •  Ensure the faucet is on so as to relieve water pressure in the water supply lines.
  •  Disconnect water supply lines using the adjustable faucets.
  •  Turn off the circuit for your garbage disposer. Use pliers to aid you in disconnecting the P-trap located beneath the sink.
  •  You then remove the dishwasher from the drain line.
  •  Remove the disposer being guided by the manufacturers’ instructions.
  •  Loosen the metal clips around the sink’s perimeter.
  •  Cut the caulk carefully with a utility knife all around the sink.
  •  Push the old sink unit from beneath and lift it off.
  •  Smoothen the sink counter using a putty knife to remove grime and old putty in readiness for the new undermount sink.

3. Install The New Undermount Sink

Once you do away with the old Undermount sink, it is time to breathe new life into your kitchen by installing the new unit.

The installation of the new Undermount sink is easy and simple provided you follow the following steps.

  • Bring in the new sink and attach the clips then install any faucets and additional components.
  • Put some putty around the drain to hold the strainer.
  • Remove excess putty then apply a bead of silicone sealant to the edge of the underneath sink.
  • Fit the sink then clip it.
  • Connect the water supply lines then reinstall the dishwasher drain.
  • Connect your disposer discharge pipe and your sink is ready for use.



Undermount sinks have visual appeal while in your kitchen and very effective to work with. Ensure you contact Kitchen Spike regarding more information about undermount sinks.

This way, you will get yourself one of the best undermount kitchen sinks and handle their installation and replacements with ease.