6 Romantic Ideas For Your 20th Year Anniversary

Romantic Ideas For Your 20 Year Anniversary

July 6th, 2018   |   Updated on May 25th, 2022

If you’re reading this because it’s almost your 20 year wedding anniversary, you are officially one of my personal heroes.

Let me just get off my chair to applaud you for about ten minutes.


Almost there.

There we go.

You’re incredible!

(I’m going to sit down now.)

Marriage is not always easy, and by not always easy I mean there’s a reason why spouses are the number 1 suspect in homicide cases. So just for that, there should be some sort of award or bonus points that you can swap for longevity or more vacation days at least.

Romantic Ideas For Your 20 Year Anniversary

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On the flip side, marriage can be the salt that can make everything in life simply amazing. Having a partner that fulfills you more than they annoy you is just one of the sweetest things in life.

And a twenty year anniversary? Boy, that’s no joke.

No seriously, you’ll have to go big for this one!

Here Are Our Top Tips For Letting The Romance Fly For Your Anniversary This Year:

You Need To Get A Gift. Yes, Need To.

For most special occasions gifts are essential like birthdays, Mother’s day, Christmas and even every once in a while, just for no reason (I’m talking to you, gentleman. Just make the lady feel special).

Of course, men also like to be spoiled, and just because you have no idea what to get him, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, but I digress.

However unlike those special occasions we mentioned, for this anniversary, gifts are absolutely non-negotiable.With that said, some people are just impossible to buy for.

There are a few things that almost anyone will love:


1. Jewelry.

Romantic Ideas For Your 20 Year Anniversary

Think engraved, personalized and here’s the important part; unique to your partner’s taste.

Just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she loves fine and dainty. And just because your guy is not a rugged man, doesn’t mean he’d prefer a less bulky watch.

When in doubt, get a brochure or examples of what you’re thinking about buying them and ask your partner if he/she likes it.


2. Their Favorite Treats

Romantic Ideas For Your 20 Year Anniversary

No, treats are not overrated. Yes, your partner does want treats for your anniversary.In fact, most of a woman’s life is spent waiting in anticipation to see if her hubby got her treats from the store.

So buy treats. Good treats.I think (hope) this is common knowledge by now but buying a chocolate lover turkish delight is much like feeding a horse sand. Buy your chocolate-loving lover c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e!

And if your husband loves all things coffee-flavored then go hunting for coffee flavored everything!My significant other once prepared us a picnic with a cheese plate and 7 different types of grapes, 8 if you include the wine.

It would seem weird to anyone else but it was incredibly special to me because he knew how much I love cheese and grapes, which is a whole lot.


3. A Handwritten Letter

Romantic Ideas For Your 20 Year Anniversary


Cards are fine, don’t get me wrong, but a handwritten letter will take your thoughtfulness to the next level.It doesn’t need to be unbearably soppy and you don’t need to attempt to be the world’s next Shakespeare.

Well, what do you say in it then?A good rule of thumb is to start out with what you like about your partner, then dive into one or two of your favorite memories and how they still make you feel.

You could mention how much you appreciate your spouse and be sure to write about how lucky you are.That’s it. That’s seriously all you need for a love letter to your partner. That, and pretty paper.


4. Take A Romantic Vacation


How about the best and most romantic vacation of your entire life?Your 20th anniversary is definitely the time for that.

How to decide to decide where to go is really the first part of piecing the puzzle together.Most people love the beach! And why wouldn’t they? With sand and sun and gorgeous waves, picturesque sunsets – it really is the perfect setting for any type of vacation.

Planning a romantic vacation that balances sightseeing, activities, romantic time, downtime and a ton of sleep is not easy, but it will be so worth it.

If you feel like being nominated for the Spouse of the Decade Award, you could always suggest renewing your vows on your vacation. Talk about next level.


5. Vow Renewal

Romantic Ideas For Your 20 Year Anniversary

There’s something genuinely incredible about renewing your vows on a trip or just renewing your vows period.

Do you wish you could’ve done or not done certain things at your wedding? Did your in-laws interfere or were you forced to invite people you don’t get along with because of family politics?

You’re not alone, most people have at least one thing they’d change if they could go back and do it all over again.Enter your vow renewal and it’s so picture perfect you want to frame every single moment of it:

It’s just you and your darling spouse standing hand-in-hand, and the two of you look even more incredible than the resort, and the beach and all of it combined.

You get to be there, after all these years yet somehow do it all over again.And this time when you say your vows you know exactly what they mean. You know the commitment it takes.

You know the struggles, the heartache, both the small and monumental victories and the unfathomable joy of a life together. And when you say “I do” you and your partner know that there is nothing truer.Now that, ladies and gents, is downright magical.


In Conclusion

The idea is to be bold and make it beautiful, but also do something that’s true to you and your spouse.

At the end of the day, your anniversary is not about what you should or shouldn’t do.

It’s about the possibilities because let’s face it if you’ve made it through 20 years of marriage, what’s not possible?


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