Keep Your Loved One’s Safe With These Monitoring Devices

Safe With These Monitoring Devices

June 9th, 2018   |   Updated on June 17th, 2021

We are living in the age of digital revolution. Every aspect of our life is continually evolving, catering to our needs better than ever. From education to health or science, all have had substantial developments with the advancing technology.

One of the most reformed services is the health care. With developing special devices and instruments that can cater to the need of the medically compromised and the senior citizens.

Assistive technology is one such revolution in the field of healthcare. It comprises of all the devices, equipment helping people living with a disability, live a healthy life.

We cannot deny the fact that aging takes a toll on the physical and mental health. Families with aging parents/ grand-parents or disabled family members might find it hard to take proper care, since they can not be around their loved ones and the elderly, 24 by 7.

Following are the devices that aid and assist healthy living of our loved ones and senior citizens:


1. Fall Detectors:

Technology enabled care providers have manufactured alarms with fall detectors. Fall detectors are small devices with two defining components like accelerometer and tiltmeter.

Tiltmeter ascertains the orientation of the wearer and the accelerometer detect an impact more significant than the threshold. This mechanism helps in identifying any false alarm. The device can either be worn as a pendant or a wristband.

It will immediately raise an alert when it senses that the person has fallen and will call the nominated contact or the device customer service department.

2. Pressure Mats:

It is an integrated system providing a communication link between the user and the caretaker, informing the caretaker about the mobilization of the person from a bed, chair or wherever its placed, and it denotes that the wearer is moving.

It consists of two components: pressure sensing panel and control units. It can be linked either with a pre-existing radio page instrument or can be used as a st6and alone aid. It is helpful in alerting about the nighttime wandering.

3. Hip Protectors

These are specially designed undergarments that have polypropylene shield sewn inside them. A person falling onto their hip wearing this hip protector will not suffer any grave injury or fracture since the impact of the fall is diverted away from the hip.

It is available in different sizes for men, women, and children.

4. Health Monitors

Health Monitors

It is generally worn on the wrist and monitors the skin temperature, pulse and movement. Initially, it keeps track of the individual’s vitals rate and any change in the parameters will raise the alarm.

The alarm is transmitted via a radio link to generate an alert at the community alarm center. It can be used as fall monitor and a wandering detection system.

5. Panic Button:

A panic button is a wireless home security device that raises an alert/ alarm in an emergency like someone fell from the stair, or there is a burglar in the home. This alarm then sends out a notification to the service provider monitoring the system. THese panic buttons are helpful in keeping the family members safe.

These technology-enabled care systems can prove helpful to people who are unable to live a happy and independent life, making them feel like an obligation over other family members.

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To make sure that your loved ones feel safe and self-reliant, with or without you, you can get them these wearable devices available on online platforms. These types of health equipment will help in boosting their confidence level since they know that help is just a button-press away.

Image Source: Pixabay