Top 9 Reasons To Say No To Drug Or Say Good Bye To Life

Say No To Drug Or Say Good Bye To Life

June 21st, 2018   |   Updated on April 18th, 2023

It is very common to see a lot of young as well as middle-aged men and women getting into using drugs.

Powerful drugs such as cocaine or heroin, take a toll on your life, making you so absorbed into using them that you fail to function as a person and mix into society, live like you really should.

Why Drug Addiction Can Become A Life Threatening Habit?

Drug addiction has turned into a huge problem in the society today, affecting young people who are energetic and talented the most.

Its influence can be such that a very normal person, who is highly focused and moving towards achieving good life goals, can suddenly turn quite the opposite, with just a single intake.

Such an intake has the power to influence the person to opt more for the drug and thus become very involved in it.

Once you become affected by taking in drug, it becomes so severe that you have to be enrolled into a rehabilitation center, where you painfully withdraw from it. It is best to say no to drugs, at first sight so that you can avoid this and other complications such as:

1. Health Problems

Using drugs is very harmful to health as over the period of time that you are under the influence of the habit, your health will become greatly affected.

With health issues setting in, you will be unable to carry out any daily routine work and will find difficulty in concentrating on any particular activity, which can in turn affect productivity.

2. Personality Problems

Drugs affect your personality and you change from being a person who is happy, carefree and casual into someone with bitterness, hard feelings and a lot of aggressive behavior that was not exhibited earlier.

The attitude that you have will have a negative impact on people around you, relationships, siblings, parents, friends etc.

3. Lack Of Focus

Drugs will affect your ability to reason out things, analyze and work intelligently on any activity.

No longer will focus and concentration be prevalent in the mind, as it will be replaced by a fuzziness that brings down your ability to analyze and take decisions.

4. Brain Damage

Drugs also go to the extent of influencing your brain and preventing it from functioning normally. Some problems that people with drug addiction can undergo include coma, memory loss, seizures etc.

Disorders that you can get into include anxiety, insomnia, depression etc.

5. Decreased Interest In Spirituality

Those who go to places of spiritual interest such as temples, churches etc every week will find their interest in spirituality decreasing after taking drugs continuously.

Over a period of time, spiritual activities cease and you might be more inclined to staying aloof and being out of company of people, rather than being involved in activities with others.

6. Disobeying Law

As drugs take over your life, there will be increasing difficulty in obeying rules and the law. You might run into legal trouble by carrying out activities that are against the law such as rash driving, pick pocketing etc.

People who take drugs are known to enter into activities of crime and violence.

7. Expenses Accumulate

Drugs take a lot of money out of your pocket. At first, you start with spending a small amount but as your dependency on the drug increases, you want it a lot and end up spending a lot of money on it, which brings down the finances and puts you into serious financial trouble.

8. Poor Career Prospects

How about your career prospects? If you are already in a good job, getting under the influence of drugs will prevent you from achieving in it.

You might not be able to meet deadlines, achieve set goals and targets or will not mix with people and customer the right way. These problems will affect productivity and also work reputation.

9. Depression

When you are into drugs, you can become very depressed. This affects every aspect of your life such as food intake, socialization, health problems, ability to be energetic and so on.

Depression sets into your everyday activities, you become more lethargic and turn more to drugs as a solution, which brings on a cycle of problems, over and over again.

Saying no to drugs helps avoid a life threatening and difficult problem that affects not only you severely, but also loved ones and friends around you.

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