Selling Your Car In The UAE? OpenSooq Makes It Easier Than Ever Before!

Selling Your Car In The UAE

Published on May 22nd, 2023

OpenSooq has set up a platform that is set to connect buyers and sellers of both second hand and new cars.

At OpenSooq, we are aiming to ensure the transactions involving the sale and purchase of cars in the UAE were conducted simply and expeditiously.

The platform has been able to attract millions of both native and expat users in the UAE and facilitate numerous sales of second-hand and new cars since its establishment.

The website offers commands in both English and Arabic, thus enabling natives and expats in the UAE to navigate it easily and conveniently without having to involve experts or incur extra costs for translation.

In this article, we will discuss how the procedures involving car sales in the UAE have been simplified by OpenSooq.

Procedure For Selling A Car On OpenSooq


A seller interested in listing their car for sale on OpenSooq is required to register at our website, which is readily available online. The registration details required are the seller’s name and phone number.

Car Listing

After one’s account has been successfully created, they are then expected to list their cars for sale and provide details on the car’s make, model, year, mileage,, and any other relevant information on the condition of the vehicle.

Pricing Of The Car

The seller shall then set a realistic price for the listed vehicle, keeping in mind the market value and condition of the vehicle.

Use Of Keywords

When listing their car, the seller is also encouraged to add keywords such as “used car for sale in UAE,” “cars for sale in UAE,” and “second-hand cars in UAE,” among other keywords that would be used frequently by buyers when searching for vehicles to buy on OpenSooq.

Promotion And Advertisement Of The Cars

Thereafter, the sellers are encouraged to promote their cars by using advertisements with urgent tags; this ensures the car is visible to most buyers when searching for cars to purchase, thus enhancing expedited sales.

Contacting Potential Buyers

The sellers are then expected to wait to be approached by potential buyers through text messages or phone calls. They then negotiate and finalize the sale.

General Benefits Of The Procedure

Throughout this process, the data privacy of both the buyer and seller is protected through features such as user verification and secure messaging software, which are applied on the OpenSooq website.

Other Factors Make Sales On OpenSooq Easier

Other than the simple and convenient step-by-step procedure provided on our OpenSooq website, we have made the car selling in the UAE easier through these other factors:

Shops Category

Firstly, the website provides a list of high-ranking showrooms in the UAE, the cars they sell, their prices, and their conditions.

This has made it easier for both natives and expats in the UAE to access the showrooms and has prior knowledge of the cars and their prices before deciding to go for viewing, testing,, and purchase.

Cars For Sale Category

OpenSooq’s website has also set aside a sale page for both second-hand and new cars, which is cost-friendly. This provides a variety for buyers to choose from and for sellers to list.

On this page, the search for cars is done by keying in the model, mileage, year of manufacture, or even color of the car. The varieties range from Nissan to Honda to Lexus, among other car models.

Zero Charges

Second, OpenSooq does not charge any hidden fees or commissions for any sales conducted via the website. This is convenient for the sellers, as the cost of the transaction is minimal, thus maximizing profit.

This is achieved as the sellers act independently throughout the transaction, and the website is only there to allow for facilitation.

Use Of Experts

Thirdly, we have set up an office in the UAE, where there are various experts in the fields of sales, marketing, and customer care. The staff at the office is readily available through calls, text messaging, or email.

They assist sellers in case of any problems experienced throughout the transaction; they also help in promoting the cars for sale through various advertisements.

This provision has helped many sellers who are not conversant with how social media operates achieve their aim of selling their cars conveniently without frustration or incurring extra costs.

In conclusion, OpenSooq has proven to be a convenient platform for the sale of cars in the UAE over time as it adopts a simple procedure and uses English and Arabic, which enable residents and expats to communicate easily throughout the transaction.