5 Reasons You Should Be Terrified Of Mold In Your Home

Terrified Of Mold

August 4th, 2018   |   Updated on September 4th, 2018

Molds are the odourless and invisible organisms which can harm the health of the home and the people living in it.

Mold tends to grow in small and hidden spaces in our home where we don’t even care to look. Meanwhile, mold spores go on affecting our home environment unhindered.

Many people think that the respiratory problems and allergies they are facing are due to pollution outside the home but the main reason behind this respiratory problem is mold growing inside their home.

Cleaning the house surfaces and looking out for mold formation is very much vital but it might not eliminate the problem completely since the mold spores will never be eliminated as they will go on settling from one place to another or just keep on flying in the air and contaminate it.

Terrified Of Mold

Many of us think that only black mold is hazardous to our health but that is simply not true. According to reports from the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) all types of molds are dangerous to our health.

The way mold reproduces is a matter of concern, molds are airborne and they are invisible, the fungi present in the corners of the house send the mold spores into the air and they find other places to settle.

That’s exactly when they cause the severe problems to our health. There can be thousands of molds present in one small room. To get rid of this mold problem the air must be kept clean and pure. Also Download Latest Version of Spotify Premium App

Mold spores grow in humid and moist climates, which is why toilets and bathrooms are the places where they grow the most.

Spores are very difficult to kill and wipe out completely, they can survive extremely harsh conditions and they can live for years waiting for the habitual conditions to start growing.

As long as there is oxygen and moisture they can survive anywhere in the world.

So what are the ways to deal with molds and keep our home healthy?

Here are 5 ways you can keep the mold at bay:

1. Keep Moisture Away 

Keep Moisture Away

Keep your house as dry as possible. Fix the leaking water from the taps. Regularly clean your bathrooms, toilets, etc. where there is high moisture.

If you see any crevices which is letting moisture in, fix the mortar of that surface. Also when air outside is dry keep the windows of your houses open so that dry air takes away the moisture in your house.


2. Use Cleaning Agents 

Use Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agents are cheap and very easy to find. Solutions like bleach, vinegar, borax, baking soda, ammonia, etc. can be used to clean the surfaces affected with mold.


3. Remove Large Infestations 

Mold can grow anywhere like behind the walls and other unseen places in the house which can be only seen when they leave out stains and smell and at that time it has to be literally removed from carpets and walls.

If you wish to remove it on your own then take the required precautionary measures like wearing gloves and masks etc.


4. Hire Professionals 

If you see persistent infestations, you may want to hire a professional help of mold remediation specialists.

The specialist will inspect your home carefully and determine the extent of the mold problem and they will give you a written report of the problem and advise you certain measures to clean the molds.


5. Install Air Purifiers in your Home 

Install Air Purifiers in your Home

Air purifiers for molds are basically the ultimate cure. Air purifiers are able to fully clean even the smallest particles of mold from the air.

Mold spores are 1-100 microns in size so you have to choose air purifiers which can kill such small particles. HEPA filters are the top rated air filters that are able to deal with such small particulates.

These purifiers can kill 99.97% of all airborne toxins and can deal with molds easily. Make sure you change the purifier at regular intervals. You can check out some best air purifiers in the market right now here.

These are some ways to protect yourself from mold and its dangerous effects on your health and home.