Signs You Need Marijuana Addiction Treatment


September 13th, 2018   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

Marijuana addiction is a serious disorder that can severely affect a person’s life. While marijuana is not as harmful as many other drugs, its constant use can trigger a number of problems. It can disrupt a person’s day to day life by impacting a person’s mental and physical health.

The disruption of routine and health problems can lead to the worsening of a person’s career and relationships, which in turn will result in other problems. Basically, marijuana abuse, like any other harmful substance, is detrimental for the health. Thus, it is best to receive immediate treatment for marijuana abuse.

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However, how will you know that you or someone around you has a severe marijuana addiction? Knowing when marijuana use is getting of hand is tricky to identify especially in frequent users. Whether you are using marijuana for recreational purposes or for medical reasons, you need to know when regular use is turning into an addiction.

In order to identify marijuana addiction you need to look out the signs stated below:

  • Constant or recurring mucus-filled cough
  • Excessive eating, munching or irregular hunger aside from regular meals
  • Strong cravings for marijuana
  • Lack of control over marijuana use
  • Spending too much time using marijuana or getting high resulting in missing commitments
  • Spending time or forming friendships with people who use marijuana or other drugs
  • Associating weed with enjoyment
  • Using marijuana as a stress reliever or as an escape from reality
  • Spending lots of funds on buying pot and whatever else is required with it (bong, rolling paper, etc.)
  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Decline in performance at school and/or at work
  • Tolerance for marijuana increases drastically so more of it is required to achieve the same high
  • Trouble fulfilling responsibilities due to the time and money
  • Not engaging in social engagements, recreational activities, or hobbies
  • Indulging in marijuana use despite being aware of the negative impact it has, and risks, problems, and issues surrounding it
  • Not being able to quit or go for long periods without using marijuana
  • Facing withdrawal symptoms after stopping use abruptly
  • Continuing the use of marijuana despite knowing that it is worsening an existing psychological or physical problem

If you have or anyone around you has most of the signs listed above, then without a doubt you have a marijuana addiction; in which case, you need to get help immediately to overcome this addiction before it starts to have a negative impact on your life.

Aside from the immediate effects of marijuana, which are listed above, long-term use of marijuana can also have a horrible impact on the user. Long-term effects of marijuana include memory issues, thinking and learning impairments, and a fall in IQ.

Despite the growing awareness regarding marijuana addiction and treatments, many people do not seek professional help. Breaking a marijuana addiction without professional help is very hard, if not impossible.

Thus, it is imperative that you either check into a rehab or receive at least some sort of marijuana addiction treatment, which generally includes therapy and medication.

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