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Spotify Down Or Not Working: Spotify Outage Tracker

Spotify Down Or Not Working

September 14th, 2023   |   Updated on June 5th, 2024

Spotify, the renowned music and podcast streaming platform, occasionally faces temporary issues and disruptions, leaving millions of users without access to their beloved content.

Unfortunately, it’s highly likely that such incidents will continue to occur in 2023. To keep users informed, a text-only tracking system has been developed to highlight instances when Spotify experiences downtime or temporary malfunctions.

This tracker gathers data from user reports on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, along with the monitoring service Downdetector, ensuring real-time updates on service problems and outages.

All updates on the tracker are presented in Indian Standard Time (IST) and follow a 24-hour format, with the most recent incidents appearing at the bottom.

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It’s essential to note that the team responsible for this tracker is committed to providing the latest information. Users are encouraged to offer feedback on any missing or incorrect details through comments or email.

The tracker provides specific updates on service outages, such as cases where the search functionality on the app isn’t working or when album and playlist covers fail to load. Each incident is time-stamped and describes the specific issues experienced by users.

[September 14; 17:21]: It appears that the app’s search functionality is currently experiencing issues.

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How To Track Spotify Outage

There are a few ways to track Spotify outages.

Downdetector is a website that tracks outages for a variety of popular websites and services, including Spotify. You can see a map of the world where users are reporting problems with Spotify, as well as the number of reports in the past hour, 24 hours, and 7 days.

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Spotify has a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They will often post updates about outages or other service disruptions on these channels.

Spotify Outage

Source: Spotify Instagram

Spotify has a status page where they will post updates about any known outages or service disruptions.

Spotify Outage Tracker


If you are experiencing problems with Spotify, you can also try the following:

  • Restart your device.
  • Clear the Spotify app’s cache and data.
  • Reinstall the Spotify app.

If you are still having problems, you can contact Spotify customer support.

Update 1 [ 15 September 2023 ]

At 2:53 PM (IST), it appears that ‘Slow Dancing‘ vanished from Spotify’s Global and Weekly charts, leaving users unable to access it on the app. Many user reports confirm the issue.

Update 2 [ 22 September 2023 ]

At 4:33 AM (IST), if you are experiencing issues with the Spotify app and feel it’s not working, you are not alone. Downdetector and X platform indicate that Spotify is down, and users are facing some issues. Downdetector’s chat shows that more than 8,000 users are experiencing issues.

Update 3 [ 28 September 2023 ]

At 9:26 AM (IST), if you are experiencing issues with the Spotify app and feel that it’s not working, you are not alone. Many users are reporting problems with the Spotify app, including issues with podcast streaming.

Update 4 [ 06 October 2023 ]

At 10:04 AM (IST), reports suggest Spotify web service is experiencing disruptions for certain users. 🎵 #SpotifyDown #ServiceIssue

Update 5 [ 13 October 2023 ]

At 9:28 AM (IST), according to the Downdetector site, approximately 850 users reported experiencing issues with Spotify. Of these users, 36% reported problems with audio streaming, while 45% reported app-related issues, such as the app not working properly.


Update 6 [ 27 October 2023 ]

9:31 AM ( IST ), Many users have reported that Spotify stopped working, preventing them from listening to songs. Among these users, 53% encountered app-related issues, while 31% experienced problems with audio streaming.

Update 7 [ 14 November 2023 ]

Today, Spotify streams are dropping, and there are issues with the Spotify web browser.

Update 8 [ 27 November 2023 ]

At 2:39 PM (IST), many users reported that Spotify is not working. Some users are experiencing issues with the Spotify app, such as problems with the shuffle button and the queue not showing up on Spotify.

Update 19 April 2024

Many users reported that the Spotify app is down, with their app stopping working. This is the second time in one week that Spotify has crashed.

Update 09 [ 05 June 2024 ]

The online music streaming service provider Spotify is currently experiencing an outage. Both the Spotify web and app platforms are affected. Additionally, Spotify Premium users are encountering issues with volume control. Attempts to connect earbuds directly into an Apple Watch are unsuccessful, resulting in the inability to play music.

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