10 Suave And Stylish Things Every Man Needs In 2019


Published on February 15th, 2019

There are a few things every man needs if he wants to look stylish for any occasion. Find out if you’ve got what it takes and what you can do about it.

You’ve probably noticed that people are dressing way too casually these days. Wearing PJs to the supermarket has become commonplace, and flip-flops seem to be everyone’s idea of go-to footwear.

This means you have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by dressing like the stylish man that you are.

Looking pulled together no matter the occasion sends a powerful message to the world that you are confident and care about your appearance.

It’s easier than you think. Here are ten things every man needs in his closet and home that will help him look and feel his best.


1. Tailored Suit


This is a must, especially when every man is going to encounter situations where a jacket is desired, if not required. It’s good to always have a well-fitting suit handy for a job interview, business meeting, funeral, or wedding.

The key word here is tailored. Nothing will make you look worse than spending good money on a suit that is too wide, narrow, or long somewhere. It can even make you look like you weigh more than you do.

So once you pick a flattering, in-style suit in a neutral color and material that works for several situations, consult a tailor. They can perform alterations that will make you look your best.


2. Dress Shoes

There are many times when sneakers just won’t do. A good pair or two of dress shoes in black or dark brown will go well with your suits and other business attire.

Keeping your shoes clean and shiny is just as important as owning a pair. Pick up a shoe kit; you can use it to keep your other leather goods soft and supple.


3. Sweater


Wearing a sweater doesn’t mean you have to look like Mister Rogers. Even Steve McQueen—the icon of cool—wore them when not making movies.

A nice sweater keeps you warm and elevates your look compared to hooded sweatshirts. Look for a style in a dark or neutral color such as gray, navy, or olive green with a crewneck or half zip collar.


4. Shaving Kit

If you want to experience the smoothest shave possible, consider ditching the disposable plastic razors for good and purchase a proper shaving kit. Once you get the hang of removing your whiskers with a straight razor, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

Your shaving accessories should also include shaving cream, brush, and aftershave lotion to soothe the skin. If you wear facial hair, you still need trimmers to keep your ‘stache or beard neat and under control.


5. Sunglasses


A great pair of shades does double duty. Sunglasses protect your eyes and surrounding area from harmful UV rays while making you look like an A-list actor on the red carpet.

The key is choosing a shape and size that flatters your face. As a rule, you can’t miss (and you’ll also channel your inner rock star) with Freddie Mercury’s favorite choice, aviators. The classic style matches several face shapes as long as you choose the correct width.

Experiment with and have fun trying on sunglasses until you find the right pair and tint that works for you.


6. Wallet

While it’s true that shoes do make the man as the old saying goes, so does your wallet as well. A ratty old wallet that is falling apart at the seams and overflowing with slips and credit cards doesn’t exactly impress on a date or at a social function.

Invest in a new leather or leather-like wallet and only place what you truly need into it. You don’t have to spend a small fortune on one; there are unique budget friendly wallets that look just as good as more expensive ones.


7. Watch

Emporio Armani Hybrid Smartwatch

It seems a lot of people have stopped wearing watches since they can get the time from their smartphone. However, a well-made watch not only keeps time but can add as much class as a well-crafted piece of jewelry.

Fitness tracking watches don’t count. Look for mens watches with an actual watch face and comfortable fitting band. Better yet, splurge on two watches: one for work and everyday situations and a former watch for special occasions.


8. Belt

It’s an overlooked accessory that completes your look (and prevents your pants from sliding down.) Get a basic black leather belt for the office and a more casual one to wear with jeans.


9. Travel Bag

3-Way Travel Duffel Bag Backpack Travel Luggage Gym Sports Bag Shoe Compartment Men Women

It’s time to ditch the worn backpack or duffel bag from your college days for a grown-up travel bag. Not only will it make you look more professional on business and casual trips, but it’s designed to let you pack more efficiently.


10. Umbrella

While it’s not an accessory you’ll carry with you every day, you don’t want to be without an umbrella when you’re caught in a downpour with a date.

Leave the skimpy branded umbrella you picked up at a trade show at home. Get yourself one in a masculine color or pattern that’s large enough to keep two people dry. There’s no better way to show chivalry than protecting a date or partner from pelting raindrops.


Add Things Every Man Needs to Your Wardrobe

Now you have a better idea of the top things every man needs in his wardrobe. We hope this list has inspired you to go shopping for these items so that you’ll always feel stylish.

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