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5 Unique Budget Friendly Wallet For Men In 2019

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January 16th, 2019   |   Updated on January 18th, 2019

As a man, buying a wallet is a long-term investment. Therefore, you should always aim for quality as well as budget friendly men wallets. To start you off, here are five of the best men wallets to buy this 2019.

A growing trend in men’s wallets is the adoption of unique minimalistic designs. Your modern day wallet is both functional and compact enough to fit your back pocket without leaving a noticeable bulge. Another trend we see in men wallets is the incorporation of tech to either boost functionality or reinforce wallet security.

1. Machine Era Stainless Men’s Wallet

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It’s not every day that you see a wallet made of steel which is why this Machine Era wallet is unique. It is slim enough to hold up to 7 business cards without making your back pocket look bulgy. The stainless steel material is lightweight, rustproof so the wallet will last you several years. The metallic material also helps maintain the slim look of the wallet. You also get a bottle opener and an RFID signal blocker to protect information on the wallet.


2. Craft and Lore Port Wallet

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What makes this wallet standout is its unique spiraling design. It is crafted from American full grain harness leather which is tanned and then held together with waxed polycord stitches. This design not only makes the wallet look chic but also contributes to its longevity. This wallet holds up to 8 business cards without losing its shape. The tanned full grain leather ages like fine wine, meaning your wallet will look even better when rugged.

3. Dango Pioneer Wallet

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Dango is a household name in crafting quality wallets that are functional in everyday living. The Dango Pioneer wallet is one of their flagship wallets for 2019. It is crafted from tanned Italian leather and handcrafted in the USA.

A Dango pioneer wallet can hold up to 20 business cards and comes with a 48-page notebook on the side. This is the perfect compact wallet for any business person looking to stay on top of their game. There is also a pen holder on the side with a pen to jot down new ideas as you go. You also get an RFID blocker to prevent phishers and hackers from accessing your sensitive information. You can learn more about this wallet on Dango Pioneer wallet review.

4. Dash Slim Leather Wallet

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This is definitely the slimmest of leather wallets you can own. It truly lives up to the minimalistic look by only having three organizational pockets and still weight less than an ounce. The Dash slim leather wallet can hold up to 8 business cards and also throw in some cash. Its slim lightweight profile ensures the wallet stays comfortably tucked in your pocket.


5. Taylor Stich Case Wallet

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This one looks almost like the Dash slim wallet save for the 2.75 by 4 inch dimensions it comes with. Also crafted from quality leather, Spanish cow hide leather, this wallet features a slim and sleek look with convenient pockets for storing your cards and money. Its minimalistic look allows you to pull the wallet out of your back pocket easy and also show off its aesthetic tanned look.

Slim is the new cool when it comes to men budget friendly wallets. If your old wallet is worn out, tattered, or appears lumpy, it is time to upgrade with one of the cool wallets reviewed above.