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21 Sophisticated Summer Perfumes To Spritz On And Show Off

Summer Perfumes

November 14th, 2017   |   Updated on January 18th, 2019

Cosmetic collections are steadily making the transition to summer/winter essentials. The first order of business? Switching up go-to fragrances to more warm-weather scents.

It’s time to put away those huge jackets. Phew! Thank goodness that’s over. Come summer, and we change our entire look, so don’t you think we should as well have a few signature scents for this warm season? Well, look no further because here is a list of the highly recommended perfumes for the summer that you’d totally want to spritz all over your body!

1. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Perfume


This blushing fragrance from Lancôme is touted as a classic. Notes of black currant and pear are gorgeous swirling in their bottle, but even more so on your skin.
Get it from Amazon for $75 for 1.7 ounces


2. Bleecker Street

perfume 212

This is your perfect scent at the office. The scent — a hint of citrus, thyme, cinnamon and cedarwood that settles neatly against the vanilla and patchouli — sticks with you all day. You’ll be sure to get second glances from those envious co-workers of yours wondering what that delicious smell is.
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3. Amazingreen

carolina herrera perfume

Impress your partner. This summer-y scent kicks the party off with a fresh palmy and peppery note. It’s sweet, yet masculine. It’s CdG’s attempt to enter the mainstream fragrance world, so it’s safe.
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4. Gucci Flora Garden Collection

perfume paco rabanne

In order to encapture the essence of the flowers at their full bloom, Gucci has created a beautiful floral scent with the fragrance of magnolias at its heart. You will also smell notes of zesty citrus, captivating sandalwood with freesia and an accord of warm chocolate towards the end.
Get it from Amazon for $55.49


5. L’Eau D’Issey pour Homme

perfumes online

This is one of my favorites and my “signature” scent. It starts off floral, sweet and almost aquatic, but settles into a nice tobacco-like sandalwood. Issey is a great summer fragrance — the heat really brings out the notes tenfold. Women really dig this fragrance.
Get it from Amazon for $35.50


6. Voyage d’Hermès

perfume carolina herrera

A safe contemporary fragrance to have in your arsenal, Voyager is one of Hermés’ unisex scents. This is totally different from their famous Terre d’Hermès. Voyager is lighter, refined, and far more balanced.
Get it from Amazon for $67.99


7. John Varvatos

eau de toilette

The bottle comes bound with leather. Its design and scent screams masculine. There’s leather, tobacco, cinnamon, and vanilla all packed into the bottle. It’s original, it’s moody, and it brings depth to the table.
Get it from Amazon for $89


8. Rive Gauche pour Homme

eau de parfum

Ah, good old Tom Ford, partnering up with YSL to bring you this classic masculine smell. It starts off very powdery and peppery, then settles into a Barbasol-like patchouli scent.
Get it from Amazon for $107.86


9. Aspen for Men

fantasy perfume

By far the most inexpensive scent on this list, Aspen for Men is undeniably worth every single penny. I thought it smelled like Davidoff’s Cool Water. It’s delicious.
Get it from Amazon for $10.99


10. Bleu de Chanel

212 perfume

This is a must-have fragrance that suits any occasion. This versatile Chanel fragrance smells luxurious, refined, all topped with peppermint, incense, sandalwood, and hints of citrus and vetiver. People will salivate over this.
Get it from Amazon for $139.33


11. Derek Lam 10 Crosby Silent St. Eau De Parfum

212 carolina herrera

Derek Lam had a very specific image in mind. He pictured a girl walking down the street, looking ever so confident and in her element. He wanted to capture that feeling in a perfume, which is exactly what this perfume is. It has a floral and fresh scent that has a hint of pure musk. Perfect for a day out in the sun!
Get it from Amazon for $9.99


12. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Floral Shock Eau De Parfum

perfume hugo boss

This one is for all the coffee lovers. Nothing better to jolt you awake than a strong cup of coffee right? Now imagine that coffee in the form of perfume. A shot of espresso is what everyone needs! The iconic scent of coffee beautifully blended with vanilla and hints of orange blossom and gardenias is what makes it so summery.
Get it from Amazon for $64.54


13. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Eau De Parfum

perfume dolce gabbana

Think sultry summer nights. That’s exactly what you get in this bottle. The perfect blend of floral with the seductiveness of amber, this falls nothing short of creating that signature magnetic scent by Tom Ford that everyone ‘oh-so’ love so much!
Get it from Amazon for $98.99


14. Christian Dior Poison Girl Eau de Parfum

perfume ferrari

This list would not be complete till it has something by Dior, and here it is! When you get a whiff of this amazing scent, you’ll be entranced, as it personifies a confident bold and sexy woman who knows what she wants.
Get it from Amazon for $99.35


15. CK One Summer

perfume one million

When I think of summers, I think of hammock on the beach, a good book and sipping on a nice cold mojito. You may not be able to sip on a mojito always, but you can definitely embrace its scent in this lovely perfume.
Get it from Amazon for $39.95


16. Caudalie, Rose de Vigne

diesel perfume

Picture a garden of roses in the early morning. They’re surrounded by other shrubbery and if you look further ahead, you can see the forest. Now, imagine all of this in a bottle, because that’s exactly what this perfume is.
Get it from Amazon for $29.40


17. Liz Earle, Botanical Essence

perfume million

With hints of pink pepper, bergamot, the spice of cinnamon and cypriol combined with the enchanting fragrances of damask rose and sandalwood, this perfume has the perfect elements of elegance coupled with a fresh appeal.
Get it from Amazon for $360.40


18. Marc Jacobs, Daisy

million perfume

If you’re into fruity, floral and sweet scents, then this one is for you. It’s a twist on the original Daisy by Marc Jacobs. The first thing you’d notice when you spray this is the burst of pomelo. You would also get a whiff of bright peonies and rustic cedar wood.
Get it from Amazon for $44.80


19. Jo Malone Nashi Blossom

animale perfume

As the name suggests, this lovely fragrance by Jo Malone contains the beautiful scent of the Nashi blossoms in its heart. However, it’s probably not the first thing you’d smell when you open this bottle.
Get it from Amazon for $93


20. Marc Jacobs Rain

amor amor perfume

This scent from Marc Jacobs will remind you of the showers in the warm summer months. It’s a new take on the original Marc Jacobs collection in order to capture the essence of summer. If you like cool fresh aqua fragrances, then you should definitely give this one a spritz.
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