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TestDirectly Alternatives 2022: 7 Best Apps For Healthcare Management


February 7th, 2022   |   Updated on January 23rd, 2023

TestDirectly is a web-based patient engagement portal and gives the medical labs the ability to connect with patients. It also helps them in providing convenient, safe, and accurate testing methods.

Patients, physicians, government agencies, employers, and schools could use this platform and connect with labs and collection centers to get direct-to-consumer and organizational testing.

The portal could integrate with any of the Laboratory information or Revenue Cycle management systems. It has the LIS functionality and helps in capacity management, self-registration and scheduling, specimen collection and processing, billing, compliance, etc.

Another feature is the automated delivery of reports through SMS, portal, email, or interface; It also does automated reporting to the public health departments and agencies in all states.

Another of its feature has providing automated report delivery through email and even giving support to a patient and its family in self-registration, scheduling, capacity management, specimen tracking, compliance, and billing, etc.

About TestDirectly

TestDirectly is a software company based in Los Angeles and offers a direct-to-consumer portal for lab tests. This platform helps in streamlining the workflows for testing sites, patients, organizations, and labs, thus improving the efficiency, safety, and its turnaround time.

This portal works in sync with the LigoLab Operating Platform. It can integrate with any LIS and support as well as streamline the life cycle of a case and specimen. This comprises of specimen collection, lab processing, and billing operations. The software is intuitive, and you can access it from anywhere at any time. Plus, it supports all the collection and testing workflows.

Key Benefits Of Using TestDirectly

The TestDirectly software offers a better patient experience. It also gives labs and other providers the needed tools if they want to increase their testing capacity, improve the turnaround times, and support features like drive-throughs, walk up, and forms of organizational testing like school surveillance and pooled testing.

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TestDirectly Alternatives

1. Caspio

Caspio is a cloud-based and no-code application development solution that is suitable for an organization of any size.

This platform is perfect for different industries like healthcare, government, media, education, nonprofits, consulting, churches, and community associations.

This solution comes with features like virtualization, automated scheduling, data replication, and workflow management. Its visual application feature helps users to create new applications with point and click functionalities.

It also allows users to build more apps without using any coding. The solution helps them to generate interactive reports and data visualizations that help managers to get better performance metrics and make further decisions. It also helps users to analyze data by using drill-down and pivot functionalities.

Caspio also integrates with cloud-based data storage solution systems like Dropbox, Box, Amazon S3, Google Drive, and Microsoft one drive. By integrating with Zapier, the solutions can connect with various apps on one platform itself.

2. Medesk

The Medesk software is an occupational health software that can help surgeons, pediatricians, ophthalmologists, and other businesses distribute work among the doctors and also track patient’s retention rates. The admins can track the online appointments and maintain an electronic health record in a centralized dashboard given.

This platform allows managers to schedule the reminders, follow up with patient visits, upload the documents and process any payments. Healthcare professionals can keep an eye on the security of the patient’s data while maintaining compliance with General Data Protection Regulation protocols.

The Medesk platform also allows the medical practitioners to receive feedback with regards to their service quality and gain further insights into marketing, sales, and finance operations.

Apart from that, the teams could create customizable referral letters, consent forms, and prescriptions as well. The Medesk software has an application programming interface or API that lets businesses integrate their system with multiple third-party applications like PayU, Google Calendar, Stripe, Xero, etc.

Its pricing is on the monthly and annual subscriptions, and support is given through phone and email.

3. Pomelo Health

Pomelo Health helps organizations in streamlining operations, removing frictions, and working to give a better experience for patients. This solution seamlessly integrates with the leading EMR systems.

The patient engagement platform comes with appointment reminders, online booking, mobile check-in, secure messaging, queue management, secure telemedicine, and digital patient forms.

4. SimplePractice

SimplePractice is a cloud-based practice management system that is built to make private practice easy for operators. Their software is easy to use and HIPAA compliant, which guides the health and wellness professionals in automating their daily processes like scheduling, processing of payments, documentation, etc.

Its Key Features Are:

  • Free and unlimited appointment reminders
  • Client portal to simplify communication with clients
  • Sending intake forms through the portal
  • Clients can review, sign and make their payments in one place

Apart from the above, there is an appointment requests feature that lets the clients ask for a time suitable to them. You can then approve or deny their request accordingly. Once the payments are scheduled, you can reduce the no-showing clients by sending them free and unlimited text, voice, and email reminders.

This integrated telehealth platform also helps in seeing clients from any place. You can streamline your note-taking process through their robust template library, or you could create your own templates while spending less time on finishing paperwork.

You may load the preview notes, edit them and then lock and sign them, and the work is done. You do not have to spend time explaining payments to clients. Just simplify the online payments with AutoPay and secure the online credit card processing.

5. Mend

MendFree helps you launch your own telemedicine program. It is a cloud-based healthcare communication solution that allows all the patients and the providers to work together and share messages, files, assessments, data, and photos. Users can use live chat and video conferencing on their desktop and mobile devices.

This software use HIPAA-compliant messaging, video conferencing, and file sharing to interact with the clients. Users could share the information with patients through a drag and drop interface. They can upload files and invite the patients to chat using email links.

You can also use Mend to collect health information from the patients like their medical histories, consent forms, scanned images of their identification, case management documentation, etc. This solution could be integrated with other services like practice management solutions, pharmacy management software, medical record platforms, insurance providers, etc. Mend provides these services for a one-time fee in which you receive support through email, phone and chat, and tutorials.

6. CarePaths EHR

CarePaths EHR is a HIPAA compliant, and ONC certified cloud-based electronic health records and practice software. It allows sole practitioners and even groups to control their practice. You get telehealth, claims, eligibility checks, etc., for free. Apart from that, it includes e-statements, appointments, online scheduling, customizable forms, outcome monitoring, and many other features.

7. Data+ Research

Data+ is a fully compliant and customizable application development platform for the life science and health industries. You can select any of their ready-made apps and configure it or create a new one from scratch through the visual dessigner along with an option to expand the custom code.

Its user-friendly built-in components empower non-technological users as well. They can create the applications using the drag and drop interface, thus reducing the burden on IT. Data+ provides the teams with a tool that lets them develop solutions on the move, helping them solve the problems as they come.

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