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Theme Jewellery : The Love Of Millennials

Theme Jewellery For The Love Of Millennials

January 25th, 2019   |   Updated on February 12th, 2019

As we unwrap ourselves from the New year and Pongal celebrations to sluggishly step into our daily routines of offices and colleges, let us relook at the styles of the bygone year and uncover the new year latest editions.

Style has been a religion for millennials, who are more clear and precise in their buying decisions. Convincing a millennial to buy a certain item may be tricky, unlike the regular shopper millennials are carry an air of information along with them making them the hard buyers but what’s different about them is the fact that they are sporadic shoppers and there is a only one element to make them buy a product i.e. “The differentiating factor”.


If any retailer or e commerce portal are differentiating their services or product offerings, they are sure to direct millennials traffic towards them.

Apart from differentiation, they look for versatility, product personalization and how well they can relate themselves to the product.

They also have a big tendency to follow Instagram social influencers like movie stars, sportsmen and other movers and shakers of the society.

They mimic their fashion trends in terms of Jewellery, clothes and other accessories like bags, sun glasses, scarfs etc. Such is the power of millennials that there are a range of products that are offered for them exclusively such as gold Jewellery.

One search for gold necklace designs with price online would leave us with lakhs of models that would appeal woman across all age groups. With higher levels of disposable income and easier access to multiple services and products, Jewellery shopping has elevated to a new level.


Limited Edition Jewellery For Millennials

Theme Jewellery For The Love Of Millennials

Unlike the traditional Jewellery like a diamond necklace, or a sturdy Vaddanam, sizeable harams, voluminous gold chains, broad bangles etc. millennials prefer to wear subtle and light jewellery.

They largely prefer 18K and 14K jewellery which have a dull finish and are light on design aesthetics. They also tend to wear Jewellery that is unique and different.

The Jewellery where they can relate themselves to, the Jewellery that speaks of self-expression and the Jewellery that represent who they are.

Jewellers have been constantly trying to reassess their designs from time to time to suit the ever changing tastes of their customers. In the run for best designs, Jewellers started launching theme jewellery such as the

  • Butterfly Jewellery
  • Yoga collection
  • Season inspired jewellery such as spring, summer and Autumn Jewellery
  • Valentine collection
  • Christmas mix editions

Of all these, the most awaited and followed edition is the every year bridal collections followed by woman world over to deck up for their big day.


Exploring The Bridal Collection

Theme Jewellery For The Love Of Millennials

Ideally a bridal collection is launched by every Jewellery retailer as it gives them the required mileage in terms of popularity and a decent ROI.

It is worth exploring bridal Jewellery online to get a fair picture of the latest trends and then venture out to buy from any jewellery house.

Bridal wear includes a Vaddanam, vanki, matha patti, bangles, haram, necklace, hath phool, Rani haar, Jhumkis, chokers etc. the choice of the metal i.e. gold or diamonds largely depends on the budget and the choice of the bride.

For example: Vaibhav Jewellers – A leading South Indian Jewellers having presence across two major South states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana has a plethora of bridal wear options.

A diamond necklace price ranges between 3-7 Lakhs and one can choose individual necklace and find matching earrings or can choose bridal sets separately.

Whatever may be your choice, if you are the next millennial who is on the marriage radar, it is worth spending a decent time researching before you bring back those exquisite pieces back home.