Why Should You Think About Using Professional Grade Production Gear For Your Next Shoot?


July 28th, 2018   |   Updated on May 17th, 2022

One of the toughest decisions any camera enthusiast and videographer have had to make is choosing just one camera. Each week, several editions of professional-grade video recording equipment and DSLRs are releasing in the market.

That is making the decision-making process even more challenging for the professionals and amateurs alike. Although most of us would love to possess the latest and swankiest of the gears, the harsh truth is that video equipment is usually expensive.

You might want to point out that the cost of cameras is decreasing steadily and anyone with a couple of hundred bucks can buy a fine DSLR for clicking vacation photos. In fact, that is precisely how most Instagram celebrities are surviving right now.


Professional Equipment Makes Video Recording Natural And Smooth

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Creating professional-grade videos for TV, film and video platforms requires more than a DSLR and the auto-shoot mode. A professional-quality movie requires significant investment concerning technology and equipment.

It takes considerable deliberation, audio equipment, lighting, lenses, jibs, dollies and production systems to shoot a full-fledged film.

That is why the cost of a short and sweet ad film can sometimes touch a million dollars. In most cases, this equipment is also bulky, and they require extensive storage space.


Rental Gears Can Save Production Cost

Video Recording Equipment


When the funds are low, there is no way you can afford to buy equipment for your film. Especially if you are trying to shoot a low-budget home-based cinema, you can try renting production gear instead of buying them. It will save you a lot of money and effort.

Additionally, you will not have to worry about storage space since you will only have to take responsibility for the gear for a limited period. In fact, almost all reputable directors and videographers have been there at least once.

To be able to rent professional grade equipment when you are in need is a great relief since you can save more money for the post-production process that follows a shoot.


Renting Production Gear Cuts The Cost Of Adventure Videography

Renting Production Gear Cuts The Cost Of Adventure Videography

Sometimes, videographers have to deal with new clients that need adventure sports footage or tourism videos. Such videography has niche needs. The cost of buying professional equipment for such shoots is prohibitive for the regular video companies that do not specialize in adventure sports shoots.

Apart from high-quality GoPro cameras, you will need special stabilizers, tripods and lighting equipment to highlight the focal points and stabilize the footage.

It is impossible for even the most well-to-do companies to run out and buy every equipment the requirement list entails for a short duration shoot.


Rental Video Equipment Helps In Improving Skills

Rental Gears Can Save Production Cost

In fact, rental equipment is one of the best ways to hone videography skills. There is no point in investing your hard-earned money in a professional camera only to realize that it is not what you are comfortable with, a couple of days later.

It is always better to test your skills and interests on rental equipment that is more budget-friendly as compared to dedicated videography equipment on sale at reputable stores.

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