8 Shopping Tips For Your Quality Diamond Engagement Rings

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March 16th, 2022   |   Updated on October 21st, 2022

Finding a soulmate is almost everyone’s dream. Have you seen the right one and are ready to pop the question? Well, congratulations! We hope you find the happiness and companionship you desire.

It’s such a milestone, and you don’t want to make any mistakes, from getting the perfect ring to the perfect proposal and everything after. You want to look back many years later and be proud that you did it right.

Undoubtedly, it’s an enthralling period, yet the search and shopping for that perfect symbol of commitment could be exhausting.

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Thus, to ease your search, we’ve put together these eight shopping tips for your perfect engagement ring. That’s sure to make her jaw drop while you win her over a little more and is also pocket-friendly.

Shopping Tips For Your Quality Diamond Engagement Rings

We all know that a diamond is a substantial financial investment. Thus, you’d want to consider the following factors before purchasing the perfect ring.

1. Work With Your Budget

You probably have grown up hearing what amount is good enough for the perfect ring; perhaps it was accurate ages ago but just a myth now. You can check the promise rings collection to get some ideas.

The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all technique here. Since engagement and getting married are huge commitments, it’d be best to work with a budget.

Here’s a tip to set a budget: Understand the significance of the 4Cs of diamond and which of the Cs strikes you the most.

You can also go for some market surveys to have a price range for the engagement ring that suits your girl’s style and is budget-friendly for you. Remember, it’s more about the amount of love and commitment your ring promises rather than its cost.

2. Understand Diamond’s 4Cs

The 4Cs are the world’s standard for evaluating the quality of a diamond. These popular C standards are Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat (Weight). Let’s view them separately;

  • Color: The color of a diamond tells whether it has been heated or not. Undoubtedly, due to its rarity and desirability, a colorless diamond is more costly than a diamond that possesses some colors. A diamond graded between D-to-Z signifies the diamond’s lack of color.
  • Cut: A diamond’s cut is significant since it indicates the quality and the extent to which a diamond will sparkle and twinkle.
  • Clarity: Diamond’s clarity centers on the number of inclusions and flaws on the surface of diamonds. Unlike carat, the clarity of a diamond informs its price. The higher the clarity, the higher it stuns, and invariably, the higher the price.
  • Carat (weight): Carat determines a diamond’s size. Unlike popular belief, the weight in carat may not be directly proportional to the price. As such, you may find two separate jewelry with an equal weight of diamond having different prices due to other factors.

Now, you can consider which of the Cs matters most to you as it’d help reduce the options you’ve to sort through.

3. Observe The Diamond Under Different Lighting Conditions

The facets of diamonds are like tiny mirrors because they reflect their surrounding light — spotlighting, daylight, fluorescent lighting, or candlelight. Thus, giving off fascinating flashes of color and light.

You may want to notice how best your fiance’s diamond engagement ring reflects light by observing it in these four different lighting conditions.

4. Select The Suitable Metal And Setting.

Depending on your fiance’s interest, you’d have to select a suitable metal and setting.

Due to its inexpensive nature, white gold is the most popular metal for engagement rings, unlike platinum, which is pricey, although they confer similar brilliance.

Another trending metal is rose gold, a mixture of yellow gold and copper known for its pinkish sheen.

Select the appropriate setting. The differentiating factor of the same stone jewelry is the setting. It controls how your diamond stud or precious stone is placed and contributes to its visual appearance. However, its most vital task is to secure and keep your stone in place.

So before you buy that twinkling beauty, confirm whether the setting is durable and smooth enough. Also, note the position of the prongs; ideally, they should be placed touching the surface of the stones downward.

Lastly, you want to make sure the metal has no rough, uneven, or asymmetrical edges.

5. Get A Ring More Suited To Her Style

diamond ring

Diamond Ring Designs

If you’d like to wow her to momentary silence and have her appreciate your efforts, then you have to give her what she fancies.

Get her an engagement ring that suits her personality. A little examination and asking around will help you. Although you may decide to take the bull by the horn and ask her, why ruin the surprise?

If you cherish the element of surprise and want to make it more fun, you can scan through her collection of jewelry.

Please note whether she fancies modern pieces over vintage or prefers white gold over yellow gold. While out shopping, notice the jewelry she’s more inclined to.

However, your best bet is to ask her closest family members and best friends for heads up.

6. Know Her Ring Size

A perfect engagement ring should look perfect on the ring finger, and that’s why you must know her size. If, however, you have no idea what her ring size is, consider doing any of these to find out.

Playing detective is part of the game; you can snoop through her jewelry collection to get her ring measurement.

You may want to take one of her rings and press it into a soap bar to make an impression. Or you may put it on your finger and mark a line around the point where it stuck. Another option is to press the ring on a piece of paper.

You may now doff your detective hat after getting her ring measurement. A jeweler will use your findings to get her exact ring size.

7. Insist On A Diamond Grading Report

To avoid buying an inferior rock at an unfair price, ensure that you have the diamond grading report.

It’ll provide you with detailed information on the diamond’s characteristics quality, whether it’s heated or not, and minimize any trust issues with buying your engagement ring.

8. Get Your Diamond Ring Insured.

Diamonds aren’t cheap to come by, and after all the stress of getting the perfect ring, getting insurance might make sense for an engagement ring. You can include it in your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy.

Most insurers will require your diamond grading report or diamond appraisal before offering a policy. Thus, ensure you purchase your ring along with its grading report.

In any case of theft, damage, or loss, you are eligible for compensation.

Final Thoughts

With these shopping tips, you’d be confident in your choice of a diamond engagement ring that will get your fiance mooning and swooning over you.

And yes, years later, you’d be proud you did it right.

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