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8 Tips To Dating For Your ‘Crush’ Who Is A Perfect ‘Urban-Metro’ Girl

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September 28th, 2017   |   Updated on June 6th, 2020

Who doesn’t love a beautiful trendy metro girl? The girl rules every heart with her perfect look that’s the craze of the day.

An urban metro girl is not necessarily obsessed about fashion and latest trends but sure does love keeping herself chic and looking beautiful all the time.

And why not, that’s her right, isn’t it? So, if you are hooked onto her, this is what you need to know about her and how to cope dating her.

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1. She wants to look all; sometimes cute, others trendy and still others plain beautiful… so unless you can figure that out from her look of the day and deliver appropriate responses/praises, you don’t have it in you to qualify as her boyfriend.


2. This is the reason why you need to garner patience and brave the mini-fashion shows she would entertain you with after each session of shopping, which mind you would be quite frequent.


3. Zara and Pantaloons vouchers will always be welcome be it it for her birthday, anniversary or the numerous you-love-her days.


4. You should always be ready to freeze to almost death on winter night dates for she will never hide her cute dress she just bought for some lame idea of saving herself from cold winds, until of course she feels the cold and spots you!


5. She is going to spend all her food money too on boots, so be ready to sympathise and occasionally lend her money for a new peplum dress or even a designer poncho.


6. As long as it’s trendy and in fashion, she’s going to try it all so don’t freak out if you see her one day in something you can’t make head or tail of or her hair dyed in mermaid hues.


7. Don’t be alarmed if she takes an hour in the loo every time she excuses herself from your ongoing date. She’s just doing touch up of every make-up article she has on her and taking selfies after each application. So, chill and eat your soup.


8. And she will say she doesn’t have anything to wear a lot. And so, even though you know it isn’t true, just be nice an nod your head but don’t ever try to pull out something from her wardrobe or advice her to wear the dress she wore in some party the other night.


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