Top 5 Healthy Habits To Start This Summer

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May 15th, 2020   |   Updated on May 27th, 2020

Summer is the perfect time to turn your life around. You don’t have to be stuck with old bad habits just because you’ve been at them for a while.

Instead of continuing the bad streak, use the warm weather as motivation to do something good for your health and your life.

These tips will help you start the journey to success and overall health that you always wanted to take.

Just make sure to take it slow and be patient with your progress. This is a process that takes time, you won’t get the results overnight, but you will with persistence.

1. Sleeping


We all love lounging about and stealing a nap whenever we can, regardless of how productive we tend to be.

Summer is the perfect time to fix up your sleep schedule and finally get the rest you need.

Reset your biological clock by going to bed an hour sooner than you’re used to every day.

You’ll find it much easier to do this during summer because you’ll have plenty of things to do during the day to tire you out and get you ready for bed in time.

As well as that, you can always take a refreshing cat nap in the afternoons when it gets too hot to do anything.

2. Reading More

Bookshelf Reading Chair

What better time to pick up a book than summer? Warm summer afternoons are perfect for lunging about your yard or the local beach with a light read in hand.

Reading engages your mind while resting it at the same time, but without passively entertaining it like TV and the internet.

It makes you feel refreshed and well-rested while keeping you actively working on yourself at the same time.

Reading is also extremely fun, gives you new things to talk about with friends, and provides the perfect way to spend some time alone and get to know yourself better.

3. Eating Better

Why Eating Healthy

Everything is well and alive during summer, meaning there are also lots of fruits and veggies you can eat.

There aren’t many healthy choices during winter because everything is in the process of growing, but summer is the best time for seasonal fruits and veggies.

From watermelon to tomatoes, you can have as many healthy snacks as you want.

These snacks are also delicious and contain a healthy amount of fruit sugar.

In other words, they’ll be enough to satisfy your body’s needs for sugar in a healthy way. You won’t need to drink soda or eat candy any longer.

4. A Smoke-Free Life

Want To Quit Smoking_1

As summer approaches, people all over the world are realizing how disgusting smoking actually is.

It makes you sweat more, you give off a smell no one likes, and it’s so uncomfortable smoking outside in the hot sun.

With so many other activities to keep you distracted from nicotine, summer is the perfect season to start a smoke-free life.

That being said, we have to be aware that nicotine is still highly addictive. A popular way to stop smoking over the summer in the world, and especially New Zealand, is to switch to vape first.

The smart citizens of NZ have already figured out that quitting cold turkey is no way to go.

5. Exercising

Exercise Lessons

With the weather being nice and so many things to do outside, now is the perfect time to start exercising. You don’t need to start going to the gym to involve exercise in your life.

Instead, you could play football or tennis, swim, play volleyball, or find any other outdoor activity basically.

This is also the perfect opportunity to bond with friends and try new activities together. If you love nature, you could use this summer to start hiking and get to know your area better.

You could also cycle everywhere since the weather is so nice. Even just walking instead of taking the car or public transport will give you enough exercise to make you feel healthier and more energetic.

Once you start reaping the benefits of exercise, you’ll never want to stop. When you feel like it’s time to up your game, you can start designing your own exercise routines and increasing the level of difficulty over time.


As you can see, these healthy habits have real power to turn your life around. You’re going to love how amazing you feel after you start implementing them into your life.

We’re confident you’ll stick to them when you notice how good they start making you feel.

One final piece of advice is to implement one habit after the other instead of all of them at once to make the process easier on you and increase your chances of sticking to the new habits.