22 Must-Buy Trending Products For The Latest Shopping Trends

Must-Buy Trending Products

August 21st, 2018   |   Updated on May 23rd, 2023

We list the best, coolest products on Amazon. The most popular Amazon products are often made even more popular by their honest and straightforward ratings, which make them easy to spot among the millions of other products.

We would like to introduce you with the top selling items on Amazon. The highest-rated products on Amazon span all different categories, so no matter what you’re into, you will find something new and exciting. Enjoy the list…

1. Dreamfarm Mini Supoon – Silicone Jar Scraping Spoon, 1 Teaspoon (Red)

Silicone Jar Scraping Spoon
Ensure you get every last bit from jars by swapping out your traditional spoon for this silicone jar scraping spoon. The ingenious design features a flat squeegee tip and flexible sides that will effectively help you scrape those hard to reach spots and corners.

  • Supoon is the world’s best cooking spoon
  • It has a flat squeegee tip and flexible sides to scrape your pan or bowl clean
  • Perfect for scraping every last little bit out of a jar or container
  • Clever bend in the handle to sit up off your counter to keep it clean
  • Materials: Nylon handle and core with LFGB grade silicone head

Price : $7.95Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Christi Durden

I’m going to have to get a whole set of these in multiple sizes. It’s super flexible and does a great job of getting the last little bits of whatever you need from that jar. I specifically bought this to get the almond butter but it would work for anything. Easy to clean. I must have more.

Update – I’m ordering another one of these today because it’s never, ever clean and I’m tired of always having to wash it when I want to use it. Why is it never clean? Because I used it for everything. This is the handiest little kitchen tool in the drawer. Read Full Review…


2. Flying Pig with Flapping Wings

The Flying Pig
This cute pig can fly! It flaps its wings and keeps flying around and around in circles. It’s very amusing to watch. To install, simply screw the white mounting bracket on any ceiling surface and attach the winged piggy to it with the clear wire. It flies in a big 4-5 foot circular motion. A fun and nice looking gift for your child’s room.

  • Pig flies around in a circular motion
  • Flapping wings keep pig circling around for a long time
  • Measures 6″ long with 15″ wingspan
  • Install with an included ceiling mount, clear wire, and screws
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

Price : $13.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: S. Hall

This pig was the official greeter at our second-ever family reunion (“When will we get together? When pigs fly!”).

Was affixed to the ceiling beam over the entrance to our cabin, and each arrival was greeted by the manically circling pig and had to duck it to enter or be kissed by the pig. Read Full Review…


3. Aerodrums Air Drumming Percussion Instrument

Air Drumming
Aerodrums is a new kind of percussion instrument. It enables you to drum without a physical drum kit, by making air-drumming gestures. PLEASE NOTE: Aerodrums requires a Windows Vista, 7 or 8 computer with at least an Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz processor and graphics card compatible with OpenGL 2.0, or an Apple computer from 20010 or later running Mac OS X 10.6 or later versions; and a Sony PlayStation 3 Eye camera. The software is available via download on the Aerodrums site. Aerodrums cannot be used to drum outdoors in daylight.

Price : $179.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Jon C. Fox

I’ve been a big fan of the NAMM show for years, so I get the latest product release information. That is how I heard about Aerodrums. I bought the system (Aerodrums and Sony PlayStation Eye Camera) from Amazon for a total of $178US.

It came in 2 days (Am Prime) and I set it up on a desktop Window7 64 bit with i7 and NVidia graphics card. Works great. I’ve ordered a laptop with graphics card so I can gig with this as I improve my chops. It is both alike and unlike physical drums to play. Read Full Review…


4. UpCart MPC-1 Single Cart

Stair Climbing Cart
UpCart combines an all-terrain three-wheel chassis with a folding hand cart. Our unique engineering means that it is just as capable of bringing home the groceries with ease at it is hauling a 100 lbs. cabinet up multiple stairwells to your fifth-floor apartment. It also folds to a depth of just over four inches, allowing for convenient storage.

  • Reduces effort going up and down steps & stairs
  • Decreases pressure applied to support surfaces
  • Improves stability
  • Is capable of “walking” over curbs and stairs
  • Decreases pull/push forces especially for moving over the irregular terrain

Price : $75.09Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Gram

I was so impressed with the videos of this cart that I knew I wanted one. It folds well, is a champ on stairs, and is easy to manage. There is one design flaw that sort of changes my plans for its use.

The hinges are in the way if one wants to haul plastic storage boxes or larger boxes. Round things fit well, and smaller or things put in the bag would work. I wanted to use it like a dolly, it is limited. The platform and space between the hinges are only 16 1/2 inches. Read Full Review…


5. Butter Knife Magic, 3-in-1 Spreader, Grater, Slicer

Easily slather on some artery clogging layers of butter onto your toast by applying it using this magic butter knife. The ergonomic design incorporates a grater, curler, and slicer into the edge so you can easily spread butter onto your hot bagel or toast.

Price : $11.98Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Queen Bee

Well now, we got this wild looking butter knife to see what it really does. I must say it looks very creative and interesting so we pulled out the hard block of butter from the fridge to give it a trial run.

We tried all the areas of the knife on the block of butter and it does work like it claims to so we were satisfied with its quality and functionality. The reason I gave it a 4 star instead of a five is because it’s very messy to use holding the stick of butter with one hand and knifing it with the other. Read Full Review…


6. Home Basics Melon Slicer

Instant Watermelon
Home Basics Melon Slicer

  • Made in China
  • Highly Durable
  • Prepare watermelons the easy way with this melon slicer
  • Made from hard plastic with rubber handles to prevent slipping and keep hands away from the sharp stainless steel blades
  • Stands at 15″ x 11″
  • slices the melon into 12 equal parts with ease. Also perfect for cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, and other fruit
  • Top rack dishwasher safe. Includes a plastic safety guard cover

Price : $9.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Diana

Love my watermelon/Cantaloupe slicer! I use it all the time. Read Full Review…


7. Chemical Guys EQP_310 TORQ Professional Foam Cannon

Car Washing Foam
The Chemical Guys TORQ Foam Cannon is the perfect choice to wash any vehicle using the cleaning power of foam. Designed using advanced air-injection technology, the TORQ Foam Cannon covers any vehicle with thick foam to quickly remove dirt and grime.

The TORQ Foam Cannon sprays the thickest foam to completely cover the vehicle for the safest washing experience possible. It’s the perfect way to reduce swirl marks and maintain a flawless finish. The TORQ Foam Cannon creates thick snow foam that helps remove dirt from the smallest cracks and corners. Give your car a gentle touch-free wash while removing dirt and road grime.

Price : $63.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: K. McDonnell

I couldn’t be happier, it works exactly as advertised. Hooked it up to my 3100 psi pressure washer. Took roughly half an hour to rinse/wash/rinse my truck. I intentionally tried the no-touch method first, just to see what the results would be. The truck was the only sort of dirty, basically just covered in light dirt & pollen.

When I was done I’d say the truck was 95% clean, certainly, enough to consider it a successful “spruce up”. Took a little detail spray and a microfiber cloth to the areas directly behind the wheels, and it was done. Read Full Review…


8. The Surreal Salvador Dali Art Unisex Analog Watch

The Surreal Salvador
The other day, we were sitting in our cucumber slicing our eyeball with a razor blade when a brilliant idea came to us. “Hey, we should make a Salvador Dali watch!” So we took off our serpents, revived the bread basket, and got down to work. It took a while, but we designed a wristwatch that we think Salvador himself would be proud to wear.

  • The face of the watch depicts Dali himself, and his moving mustache serves as the watch’s hands. An ant marches around the rim of the watch, ticking off the seconds.
  • Features a 33mm diameter face, genuine leather band, and Japanese quartz movement.
  • Battery included and comes boxed in a beautiful tin display case.

Price : $39.95Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: DaDunf

My wife is a huge fan of Dali. I got her this watch and she called it the first watch worthy of wearing. 4:40, 3:45 and 2:50 look awesome. The ant is a nice touch (Apparently he used to keep a pet anteater).

It keeps accurate time but doesn’t seem overly sturdy. Don’t take this thing diving or hiking, but for a day at the office or home, it’s a nice interesting piece that makes one smile when you check the time. Read Full Review…


9. National Geographic Play Sand – 2 LBS Of Sand with Castle Molds And Tray (Blue)

Kinetic Moldable Sand
Your child will have a blast molding, slicing, and shaping this amazing play sand!

A special mixture of sand that doesn’t dry out, this sand acts wet while leaving your hands completely dry; it’s also incredibly easy to clean up! So don’t worry about a mess or dust – our premium quality play sand is designed to provide all the fun and none of the hassle.

This kit includes: 6 sand molds, a sand tray and 2 lbs of blue play sand

This amazing sand is great fun for children of all ages and even for adults. Get your play sand today and you’ll discover why everyone is raving about National Geographic’s play sand ­– it’s really that fun!

Price : $27.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Amazon Customer

I bought this for my 13-year-old niece and she loved it! It was a fun thing for us to play with together and she was excited to get it.

I appreciate that it came in 6 individually wrapped packages so that we could open the right amount. I sent half of it home with her and kept the rest for her to play with when she visits. Read Full Review…


10. 2 Pack LED Flame Bulbs – E26 Standard Base LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs

Flame Simulating LED Light Bulb
Create a romantic candle-lit ambiance without running the risk of accidentally burning down your home by using these flame simulating LED light bulbs. These energy saving LEDs are designed to flicker like real candles to give off an inviting warm glow.
3 Modes Creative LED Flame Bulb: Live Flame Emulation Mode, Breathing Mode, and General Lighting Mode can easily be changed by your Turn-ON-OFF Button

Price : $27.99Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Don Lj Campbell

the pretty nifty effect, we used to simulate a coal fire, buried the lamp inside a pile of slag glass and coal…most effective with some thought and masking, it is very effective. Read Full Review…


11. ElevationMerch® Vortecon Kinetic Desk Toy

Vortecon Kinetic Desk
If you find yourself in a raw, bloody mess due to your boredom-induced nail-biting, desk-drumming and pen-clicking, then Vortecon is the cure for YOU

  • Vortecon creates an optical illusion when spun
  • Simply rotate it to reveal the mind-bending effect of a kinetic energy
  • Designed to spin on any desk or flat surface
  • Made with solid aerospace-grade stainless steel
  • Buy and get FAST Shipping & GUARANTEED Satisfaction

Price : $20.00Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Nick

Includes a cute zipper case for it, though personally I’d rather they leave it out and save me a few cents. Spins a reasonable amount of time.

One of the other brands I saw had a leather bottom and i was surprised when this was plastic, although the description does not say leather on this one. Can’t dock any stars for that and the case was a nice surprise. Read Full Review…


12. HAWORTHS Sushi Maker Roller equipment Perfect Roll

Easy Sushi Roller
Forming tight, perfectly shaped rolls is easier than ever when you have this easy sushi roller. It allows you to quickly roll up elegant professional looking rolls in one fluid motion – making this portable appliance great for

  • beginners and pros alike.
  • Size:Approx 19 x 7.7 x 6.5 cm, Material: PP
  • Color: Black and transparent
  • Easily used by pros and beginners
  • Use for any rolled food-not just sushi.
  • Creates elegant sushi rolls at home

Price : $9.98Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: HappyinColo

I’m not quite sure about this yet. There are no instructions inside the box, and the instructions on the outside of the box are hilarious (because of an obvious language/translation barrier).

Anyhow, I imagine we’ll have to find some instructions online. I did see a video of this and that is mostly why I bought it. I’m hopeful it’ll be as good as I thought it would be. Read Full Review…


13. Fluid – Palm Beach Motorized Pool Lounge

Palm Beach Motorized Pool Lounge
Motorized inflatable chair for swimming pools, lakes, or any calm aquatic environment. Cruise around the pool in style. Speed up to 2mph. Battery and charger included.

  • Motorized with 1 hour run time on lead-acid rechargeable battery charger included
  • Top sped of 2 mph with the rider up to 250lbs
  • Drink holder and cooler, with footrest and bathing feature
  • Heavy-duty PVC inflatable
  • Full waterproof circuitry, overheating protection, caged propeller unit is easy to assemble and disassemble

Price : $158.85 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: D. E. Aronoff

I never really got to use my new motorized chair. I tried to use it in Lake Huron, although it’s made for only for a pool.

By time O could get on the chair in the rough waves, I was so near shore I got immediately beached, and the motor got sand in it. Consequently, the motor never worked, but it is a nice (but expensive) floating chair. Read Full Review…


14. Electric Vortex Protein Shaker

Electric Vortex Protein Shaker
Whether you’re at the office or gym, just finished your last marathon mile or hike in the hills, the PROMiXX 2.0 with integrated NUTRiPOD supplement storage and micro-USB rechargeable motor unit (USB cable included) conveniently enables you to mix your protein powders on the move – for the boost you need!

Athlete-tested ergonomic design, the PROMiXX 2.0 is the world’s most powerful vortex mixer, with industry-leading power and torque to effortlessly blend your protein supplements to a lump-free, smooth, creamy or frothy consistency, just how you like it!

The polished stainless steel (trim) provides superior durability and aesthetics, and the scientifically-engineered blunt blade preserves micronutrients for improved protein performance.

Price : $44.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Emily S

I was pleasantly surprised when my PROMIXX arrived. It advertises the “smoothest supplement shakes on the planet” which is a bold claim but I can safely say it does a much better job than my blender bottles.

What surprised me most is that my shakes actually tasted better – I guess there is more flavor when it’s actually mixed fully. Read Full Review…


15. ThinkGeek Infectious Disease Balls – Stress Balls (Cooties – Red)

ThinkGeek Infectious Disease Balls - Stress Balls
Squeeze at your own risk! Each Infectious Disease Stress Ball comes in a mesh-like bag. Squeeze it hard and blisters will pop out of the holes in the bag and be a surprisingly different color than the ball itself!

Price : $11.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Newfie girl Lori

My kid loves it! Changes colors when you squeeze it! Fast shipping, great experience! Read Full Review…


16. The Official Pimple Popping Toy with Refillable Pimple Pus (100000)

Pimple Popping Toy
Everyone has their own unique obsession and this obsession is the pickers dream toy! -The Pop It Pal is made of skin safe silicone with an all natural pus that simulates the popping of a huge pimple! Every Pop It Pal comes with 15 pimples ready to be picked the minute you receive it.

The Pop It Pal can be refilled and picked over and over again! -One refill bottle and one filling tool will come with each Pop It Pal to ensure your picking can be repeated over and over again! There is nothing else like it!

Price : $17.71Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Steven St. Clair

I received my Official Pop It Pal very quickly and it was exactly as described. The quality feels really good and it’s very fun to pop them pimples! Refilling the Pop It Pal was very easy as well.

This is the official Pop It Pal, watch out for the fake knock-offs, they are not the same thing! I plan on buying more Pop It Pals from this seller as stocking stuffers later this year. Read Full Review…


17. New Ice Cube Maker Genie silicone, Ice bucket The Revolutionary Space Saving Ice Cube Maker

The Ice Genie
Keep your fridge stocked with ice without sacrificing valuable storage space using the Ice Genie. Simply fill up the outer edge with water, wait for it to freeze, and then push and squeeze the silicone walls and watch as the ice conveniently falls into the ample main chamber.

Price : $14.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: escofield

ice cubes are minuscule, this is a great idea, and would be a great product if the ice-cubes were about 50 times larger. The ice-cubes are about the size of a dime and have a depth of the height of 3 dimes stacked. The product was delivered quickly and in good condition, no problems with the dealer. Read Full Review…


18. Adams Pranks and Magic – Flying Butterfly – Classic Novelty Gag Toy

DIY Magic Flying
Wind up this clever little device and hide it inside a book or greeting card. When it is set free, the butterfly will spin and fly, up to 20 feet in the air! Amazing!

  • Wind up Fake Butterfly
  • Classic Gag Toy
  • Great for Greeting Card Surprises
  • Flies Up to 20 Feet In the Air
  • Adams Pranks and Magic – Classic Novelty Prank Toys

Price : $10.06Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Space Salamander

Bought this for my daughter after seeing the video ad of a similar butterfly flying out of a greeting card. I tried doing that for her and it didn’t really work… it mostly just “flew” out a foot or so and then down to the floor, not upward.

But she liked it anyway and kept winding it up and making it fly– sometimes it actually flew up into the air and sometimes it didn’t go far. Either way, for an inexpensive item, I’m glad it’s lasted this long– it’s made at least a dozen flights without breaking. Read Full Review…


19. Suck UK Rocket Moon Wall Clock

Rocket Moon Wall Clock
Jet around the moon in 60 seconds. A solid metal dome-shaped wall clock, with an embossed Rocket circling in time and space. Watch as the seconds fly by. The battery operated wall clock is a great astronomical addition to any room. We can’t think of a Crater design by a budding astronaut, Andy Mason.

  • Moon clock with orbiting Rocket (battery not included)
  • Rocket completes a Full Orbit every 60 seconds
  • Clock face Made from strong, lightweight metal
  • The ideal gift for budding astronauts!

Price : $29.95Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: ChinelleRo

While cute, the hands – particularly the rocket – is poorly made.
Read Full Review…


20. NIKE Benassi JDI Fanny Pack Mens Ao1037-001

Nike Fanny Pack Sandals
Stay at the forefront of fashion this summer by hitting the beach in these Nike fanny pack sandals. Each comfy sandal comes with a strap equipped with a little-zippered fanny pack that is ideal for storing small essentials like your keys, cash, and drugs!

Price : $107.96Buy-Now-Button-300x150


21. Electric Fly Trap Device, Physical Fly Trap Safe, And Green

Revolving Fly Trap
This Electric Fly Trap Device is fit for hotels, restaurants, canteens, families, food markets, wet, farms, food factories, pharmaceutical plants and other environments.

Note: Our package not included the bait because shipment company does not allow to transport liquid and powder object, thank for your understanding!

Safty & Eco-Friendly – Using physical methods, this fly trap device is non-toxic, safe and effective, it works effectively and keeps your family safe without using toxic chemicals or sprays which can harm your family, plants, and animals. This is the better choice to repel pests and assure safety!

No Noise & Economical – Adopting the latest technology, the portable Physical fly trap device provides maximum efficiency with zero noise or light pollution, allowing you to have a comfortable and healthy environment while the device working.

Easy To Clean & Use – Using an ergonomic design that allows easy clean and reuse, the fly trap device allows you to remove the fly trap box and clean, fit for hotels, restaurants, canteens, families, food markets, wet, farms, food factories, pharmaceutical plants and other environments.

Price : $19.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150


22. Crawling Zombie Baby Prop for Halloween Party Decoration By Partypackage Ltd

Crawling Baby Zombie
Crawling Zombie Baby Prop for Halloween Party Decoration; Prop; Halloween; Crawling Zombie Baby; Brand New

  • Crawling Zombie Baby Prop for Halloween Party Decoration

Price : $126.88Buy-Now-Button-300x150