Cafeteria Trends And Chairs: Three Types Of Cafeteria Chairs To Consider For Your Coffee Shop

Cafeteria Chair

Published on July 21st, 2018

Can you imagine foie gras and a burger drive-through together? Not at all! Similarly, a completely out of context design and decor can leave your restaurant and cafeteria customers puzzled. Most of all disappointed.

Today, cafeterias and independent coffee shop-cum-restaurants have been emerging at a fast pace. And each has its specialties. Design and aesthetics of a cafeteria are its vital elements.

A high-end lifestyle and creative thinking are impacting cafeteria trends as well. If you are planning to come up with your cafeteria, there are few trends that you need to consider.

It will help you to make your cafeteria furniture selection in an informed way.


Cafeteria Trends To Count On

The Emergence Of Bespoke Lights

Bulbs And Fixtures

It is one of the notable trends in lighting. Bespoke lights mark the best use of lighting in 2018. Technology has made it easy for people to have access to any data with just a touch of a button.

Hence, your cafeteria space must have something unique to provide to your customers. Interior decorator experts suggest that using apps and remote control in cafeterias will allow customers to manage single bulbs in a particular space.

So, whether it’s changing colours, dimming the light or the standard switching on and off, it’s best to have your hands on the latest technology. And bespoke lights are an innovative option to look out!


The Sustainability Factor


Every year we all become slightly more conscious about environmental concerns. Hence, sustainability is a design trend that is visible across all commercial space, which includes cafeterias and restaurants as well.

Every cafeteria owner searches for something unique to provide their customers. Up-cycled furniture and materials can give your cafeteria an unconventional look. It will set you apart from other market players as well.

Experiment with natural elements such as reclaimed wood frequently and notice the difference you bring to your interior decor. Recycled scaffold boards that clad around the outward facing walls is an excellent idea to implement.


Make Use Of Colours

Use Of Colors

Having a theme for your cafeteria is essential. But what is even more important, is to play around with colours. You must study the psychology of colours and its impact on customer behaviour.

For instance, red colour increases the heartbeat and stimulates the eating impulse. On the other hand, shades like pink, light yellow and peach have a calming effect on the mind and body.

Cafeterias with a blend of light pastel and vibrant solid colours usually witness increased footfall. It draws in customers who want to sip their favourite cuppa with nibbles and also linger on, either talking to a friend or reading a book.


Cafeteria Chair Types To Consider

Once you have decided on the colour scheme, theme, and ambience, it’s time to focus on the cafeteria chairs. It plays a crucial role in adding to the overall appeal to your independent coffee shop. Here are three types that you may consider.

1. The Fast-Casual Coffee Shop Chairs

Cafeteria Chair

Today, cafeterias that provide both fast food and casual dining are on the rise. It appeals to health-conscious customers who want a pleasant dining experience within a cafeteria ambience. Fast-casual coffee shops might or might not have table service. Mostly the customers place their orders at the counter and search for a seat.

The target audience for this type of coffee shop is the Millennials, who are always on the move and willing to experience something new. So, the overall look for this cafeteria needs to be clean and new age. What should you keep in mind when you are selecting chairs for a fast-casual cafeteria?

It’s simple. You need to choose a chair-type that creates cohesive imagery. Cafeteria furniture eventually becomes a part of its brand. So, go ahead and select designs that are contemporary and neat. It should also be durable and easy to maintain.

The market would provide expensive and cheap options for this kind of chairs. Select the one that offers the best value for money.And if you are in Melbourne, you may search online by typing Cafe Chairs Melbourne and browsing through the results. It will help to get better know-how on the subject.


2. The Coffeehouse Or Cafe Chairs


The terms coffee houses and cafes are used interchangeably. Usually, the Australian or American cafes serve light fare. Other than the coffee it includes pastries, sandwiches, wraps and various hot drinks, like hot chocolate.

On the other hand, coffee houses will provide you with both standard/specialty coffee, espresso, latte and many more. The difference is in the perception and branding. Most people associate the element of relaxation with a cafe or coffee house. Hence, the chairs must also reflect the same part.

Go ahead and create a personal and warm ambience. And have a mix of armchairs, low and mid raised tools, lounge chairs, couches, club chair and Cogswell chair. You can also choose one or two chairs and alternate it with different tables.

And to draw eyeballs, you probably can have one winged chair as a showpiece. Since both youth and adults visit cafes and coffee houses, having a blend of two or more types of a chair will cater to more customer choices.


3. The Cafeteria Or Food Court Chairs

Food Court Chairs

Most new age cafeterias today have the layout of a food court. It usually comprises of small table clusters generally with four to six seats spaced evenly. So, the chairs you select for a cafeteria-cum-food court should be comfortable to maintain, affordable and attractive.

The design pattern should be cohesive and not over the top. You probably can alternate between armchairs and dining chairs in two or three colours. Wood is an excellent material to select. It’s durable and also offers value for money.

For many people, cafeteria chairs might appear to be a minor aspect of the entire cafeteria set up! However, when it comes to the overall look and feel, chairs have a considerable role to play.

Ensure that the chairs you select provide comfortable seating. Also make sure the chairs compliment your overall cafeteria, cafe or coffee house decor, theme and the colour scheme.

Images Source: pixabay.com