Which Types Of Running Shoes Will Support Your Feet Best?

Types Of Running Shoes

July 13th, 2021   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

Did you know that there are more than 35 manufacturers of running shoes in the United States? That could be because running is a sport that anyone can participate in.

Running shoes are worn by more than just sports enthusiasts, though. They are the top choice of shoes for nurses, servers, and bartenders. Many types of running shoes are worn simply for their comfort.

When you buy running shoes, it is important to know what your needs are. Keep reading for some great tips on how to choose running shoes.

How Many Types of Running Shoes are There?

There are five main types of running shoes. If you want to know which shoes are good for running, consider the type of surface you are running on first. Then consider the length of the run.

  • Daily trainers are built for everyday use because they have more cushioning.
  • Lightweight trainers are for daily use, as they are flexible. They are perfect for springs and other speed workouts.
  • They have moderate cushioning made of more durable materials.
  • Spikes are the best running shoes for running cross-country or track. The spikes give you traction. They are a stiffer running shoe, so you’ll likely only use them for racing or long track workouts.
  • Racing flats are perfect for a road race. Some call them flats. They are lightweight and stiff and are generally not used for training.

Finally, trail shoes are the running shoes you need for trails with rocks, mud, and uneven surfaces. They have an enhanced tread for added traction and reinforced uppers for increased durability.

Running Shoes for Flat Feet

First, you should determine if you have collapsed arches because of a weakness in your muscles or if your feet are anatomically flat. This will help you choose running shoes for flat feet that are specific to your needs.

If your feet are anatomically flat, arch support will increase stress and result in knee problems. If you have collapsed arches, the arch support will give your foot support and build up strength.

You should see an orthopedic specialist to determine what kind of flat feet you have.

What are the Best Running Shoes for Arched Feet?

People who have high arches tend to under-pronate, so they need cushioning in their shoes to make landings easier on the arches. Overstructured or too-soft shoes are bad for arches. They should absorb impact and provide support at the same time.

What are the Best Shoes for Marathon Running?

Some things to take into consideration are fit, material, and feel.

Make sure there is a thumb space between your longest toe and the shoe. Walk around or even run in the store to see if it rubs the wrong way or feels too hard.

Want somewhere to start? Check out the Nike Cortez line of running shoes. They make marathon running comfortable.

Comfort is the Sole of the Best Types of Running Shoes

Spell it sole or soul, it’s still true. There are many types of running shoes to choose from and when it comes to choosing the best, it’s all about comfort. Your shoes should never cause you pain!

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