Top 10 Most Unique And Eye Catching Watches

July 13th, 2018   |   Updated on January 18th, 2019

Place a stylish spin on the mundane task of checking the time by wearing one of the gorgeous time pieces featured in this gift guide of unique and eye-catching watches.

This carefully curated guide features timepieces that range from the quirky and geeky to the extravagant and everything in between.

Most Unique And Eye Catching Watches

Below you’ll one of a kind models like a LEGO watch, an orbiting mechanical watch, and even a watch that is entirely covered in your pet’s actual hair.


1. Faceless LED Watch

Unique And Eye Catching Watches

Make your outfit pop by accessorizing with the eye-catching faceless LED watch. Instead of looking at a standard display, the watch’s bold design showcases the time right on the band itself for an understated yet modern look that is sure to get you noticed.

Product Review :

Very cool.It was Really easy to program. I barely looked at the instructions. I was surprised that you can program the year as well as month and day.

It is large like some of the other reviewers say, but that is so it can be sized by removing links. Any jeweler can do this. It’s a bit heavier (thicker) than i expected, but that’s too not much of a drawback. Available Here…Price is- $8.32


2. Swirling Mercury Watch

Unique And Eye Catching Watches

Place a new spin on the way you tell time with the swirling mercury watch. Instead of a standard analog display, the watch utilizes two brightly colored bands that continuously spin around to indicate the hour and minute in a simple and unique way.

Product Review :

Good solid watch time piece, the photos are a little misleading in that it looks like it’s a digital display, however, they are simply plastic moving parts.

The only reason this is not that big an issue is because of how meticulously designed the moving parts are: they are painted with extreme detail and it does in fact look digital unless you really state at it.

The metal/rubber is malleable and easily adjusts to any wrist. Great product! Available Here…Price is- $31.00


3. Wooden Watches

Unique And Eye Catching Watches

Go green while still staying stylish with these wooden watches. Available in a variety of popular watch styles, these wooden watches offer the same functionality as a traditional watch, but have a beautifully crafted natural wood exterior.

Product Review :

Love it! Looks great, very lightweight. The only downfall is it’s not waterproof and you can’t wear it in the sun or it will crack. I think for $130, you should be able to wear it in the water and sun. Buy One…Price is- $119.00


4. Past Present Future Watch

Unique And Eye Catching Watches

Help yourself stay focused on the present with the past present future watch. This clever watch’s quirky face helps you take a greater appreciation of the ‘now’ by only displaying the current time through a small open window located at the top center of the watch.

Product Review :

It is small and simple for a man’s watch, but I really enjoy that and don’t feel it is necessary to have a large flashy watch. It is very easy to read the time.

The numbers rotate through the clear opening so you can only see the relevant numbers. The band is simple and comfortable.

I was looking for a band that I could wear while typing at a desk and this is much more comfortable than my other watches where the bands are made of metals.

Of the seller, Windy Watches, I was overall pleased. The watch came in with a crack in the face/glass. It was an inconvenience to have to ship it back but they took care of everything and made it as easy as they could.

They said the product was checked pre-shipping and FedEx admitted they may have mishandled it so I would place the fault on FedEx which is no surprise. Get One…Price is- $128.00


5. Math Equation Watch

Unique And Eye Catching Watches

Practice your mathematical abilities every time you check the time with the math equation watch.

This cleverly designed watch replaces the hours with equations equal to that number. It adds a fun spin to telling the time and makes a great gift for the math nerd in your life.

Product Review :

Looks exactly like the picture, but comes in a sturdy box that’s not pictured. Great graduation gift for math whiz. Very clever, with clear face and resilient band. Available Here…Price is- $33.99


6. Calculator Watch

Unique And Eye Catching Watches

Smart watches are old news. Vintage calculator watches are all the rage now with the youngsters. This resilient watch boasts a 5 year battery life and features a 1/100 second stop watch, alarm clock, and a handy 8 digit calculator.

Product Review :

What a cool piece. I’m 33, so I’m just old enough to remember this watch being the coolest thing in the mid 80s, then progress to something only nerds and dorks would wear, then fade into obscurity.

But since it’s now 2017 and it’s cool to be a geek again, this is now so nerdy it’s awesome. I put it on a cool NATO style strap, and this watch gets as many compliments and is as fun to wear as my nice, conventional watches.

It’s the best style statement you can make for 17 bucks.Functionality wise, it’s awesome. Calculator, stopwatch, and dual time zones. No backlight, however. But overall, what a quality piece. I love it! Buy One…Price is- $16.50


7. Nixie Tube Watch

Unique And Eye Catching Watches

Set yourself apart from everyone wearing an iWatch with this Nixie tube watch. Each piece is handmade from milled pieces of brass and aluminum and complemented with two IN-16 Nixie tubes that display the hour, seconds, and remaining battery life.

Product Review :

A lot of people like to either go the route of the smartwatch, or trusted brands when it comes to choosing a watch like, Apple, Fossil, invicta, rolex, breitling, but those don’t come at a cheap price.

Third party sellers are popping up everywhere to show that their watches are to please customers without breaking their wallets. I decided to give a company named Millclock a chance by checking out their very unique product.

They tried to raise funds for their product on Indiegogo or kickstarter, and unfortunately didn’t reach their main goal. I decided to give it a shot, because they to believe in fair prices for their products.

Also I too wanted to look like Steve Wozniak and stand out in the crowd. The price was a bit steep at 300 dollars, but a promotion was going on to drop it down 30 dollars. Still expensive. Buy One…Price is- $299.14


8. Nixon Translucent Watch

Unique And Eye Catching Watches

Place an illuminating twist on telling time by sporting the always fashionable Nixon translucent watch. This eye catching beauty features a water resistant polycarbonate housing in addition to a colorful backlight that creates a stunning glowing aura at night.

Product Review :

Bought this Watch as a Gift for my Mother. Her and me are both Watch fanatics and this Watch looks great. Got the First Watch and the Watch didn’t work right but got it exchanged and the Replacement is working just great.

My Mom loves the Watch and i am thinking about adding this one to my Collection as well. Available Here…Price is- $82.00


9. LEGO Watch

Unique And Eye Catching Watches

It’s all smiles and good times when you go to check the time on your LEGO watch. This eye-catching timepiece comes in a bright “LEGO yellow” color and features a vibrant and welcoming LEGO man on the face of the watch who is more than eager to tell you the time!

Product Review :

I actually won Happiness in a contest, but after having it for a while, I would willingly have bought it. It is lightweight, but feels like it is constructed from quality materials and is quite comfortable & lightweight to wear.

Of the many watches I’ve had over the years, few get as many positive comments as this one. In fact, my wife has more or less assumed ownership of this as her daily watch. What’s not to like about a happy yellow LEGO face?

‘Happiness’ comes with a black bezel alternative and several multicolor band extensions. It fit perfectly from the start though so the later are still sitting in the attractive gift box it came in.

Assuming it holds up over time, stays water resistant and continues to keep good time, I have no problem recommending it for a fun loving adult who is into the LEGO culture. Available Here…Price is- $47.50


10. Activity And Sleep Tracking Watch

Unique And Eye Catching Watches

Help achieve your fitness goals by keeping track of all your physical activity using this activity and sleep tracking watch. It features a sleek stainless steel case and monitors everything from how many steps you take to how many hours you sleep.

Product Review :

This is definitely a good looking watch. I got plenty of compliments on it and when explaining that this was also a tracker, people were in awe. It’s a great accessory, that’s useful and masks (with style!) the ugly trackers that so many people carry.

After 7 months, and as warned (it was 7 months in, spot on, BTW), the battery faded. It was nice to have the heads up as to by when the battery might need to be replaced. And replacing it was super easy. Available Here…Price is- $149.95

Source Images: thisiswhyimbroke