Unique Gifts The Bookworm In Your Life Will Love

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Published on July 21st, 2022

When it comes to buying gifts for friends and loved ones, a good go-to approach is finding something that aligns with their hobbies.

A set of fancy watercolors for your artist friend, a new backpack for your friend who loves to hike, a bundle of quality makeup brushes for your beauty guru friend…everybody loves to be supported in the things that bring them joy.

But what if you want to send a gift to a friend who loves books? Buying books for another person without any guidance can sometimes be tricky, since even if you know their favorite genres, it can be hard to know exactly what kind of storylines, characters or authors they’ll really love.

Sending them a gift card to their favorite bookstore is always a safe bet (and one they’ll definitely love), but if you’re looking for something extra unique to send them, here are a few great ideas:

A Subscription Box To A Book-of-the-month Club

Subscription boxes are all the rage nowadays, and for good reason – who wouldn’t love to receive a gift that keeps on giving surprises throughout multiple months or the entire year? Your bookworm friend would probably love a subscription to a box that sends them one or more books every month based on their personal taste.

If you know they love fantasy, romance, or non-fiction books, sign them up for an account on a book subscription website that will suggest new books for them every month and allow them to switch genres or look for new books at any time.

There are even subscription boxes that focus solely on independent authors for the bibliophile who loves to be on the cutting edge with their unique taste.

Accessories For A Cozy Night Curled Up With A Good Book

Chances are, your bibliophile buddy’s favorite way to unwind after a long day is by getting cozy on the couch and digging into their new favorite read.

Why not make the situation a little cozier for them by gathering a few small gifts together into one book-lover’s goody box?

Reading lights, fancy bookmarks, and page holders are always great gifts. Maybe you can even go above and beyond and throw in some bubble bath, a soft blanket, wine or a nice selection of teas or hot chocolate for your friend to turn their reading hour into a whole night of relaxation and self-care. Nothing beats unwinding in a warm bath and drifting away into another world of your imagination.

Fancy Bookshelves Or Bookends

Chances are, your book-obsessed loved one has a select few books they would call their all-time favorites. Even if they have shelves upon shelves of other books, they might want to keep a select few on display.

If that’s the case, look for a cute set of hanging or wall bookshelves for them to display their top few faves. There’s also no shortage of quirky and fancy bookends on the market, so you can’t go wrong going that route either.

Whether they choose to display their current rotation, lifelong faves or simply the books with the prettiest covers, your book-loving friend will appreciate having a new way to display their favorite pastime.

A Video Message From Their Favorite Author

Any booklover’s ultimate dream is to have the opportunity to sit down with their favorite author and pick their brain about their writing process, storytelling journeys and creative inspiration.

While this may not be the most accessible or practical gift, you may be able to find the next best thing – a Cameo from your loved one’s favorite author.

Whether they have a thing for memoirs, self-help books or educational books, there’s a fairly good chance you’ll find someone they’d love to hear from on Cameo.

From Cheryl Strayed to Bethenny Frankel to Michelle Tam and many more, Cameo is filled with authors and journalists who can send a personalized video message to your loved one that will make their entire day (possibly even their entire year). Some of them even have live video chat options, if you’re really ready to knock your friend’s socks off.

A Work Of Art With Their Favorite Book Quote On It

The truth is, a great book really can change someone’s life (or at least, their perspective on it). If you know your book-loving friend has that one book that they can’t stop talking about or recommending to everyone they know, find a small creator who can turn their favorite line from the book into a work of art they can hang on their wall or display on their bookshelf. Or maybe they’d prefer it on a mug, t-shirt or piece of jewelry.

Commemorating their favorite words in a way they can show off to the world is a beautiful way to impress your bibliophile loved one.

Need more ideas? Goody’s got your back next time you need to send a gift to a book-loving friend.