25 Awesomely Unusual Gifts And Other Cool Stuff for Men

Unusual Gifts for Men

August 10th, 2017   |   Updated on June 6th, 2022

Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for, so sometimes you have to venture into unknown territory to find something they’ll love.

If you’re looking for unique and unusual gifts for men. Custom Sleek Wristbands are used all around the world as a way to express yourself or something you believe in.

Here at we suggest large selection of Unusual Gifts for Men. Everyone knows that men can be difficult to buy for which is why we search high and low for the very best Gifts for Men.

1. Man Candles

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Forget the same old flowery, sweet-scented candles for women. Men need Man Candles, featuring familiar, earthy scents such as dirt, campfire, sawdust, coffee and more.

Product Review : This candle is awesome. I bought this “mandle” for my home, and I could not be happier. Smells delicious, comes in a beautiful glass, and the color of the wax is very cool. I shopped around different places looking for a good man candle and finally pulled the trigger on this one because it turns into a whiskey glass when I’m done with the candle. Get it from Amazon for $24.99


2. Big Face T-Shirts

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Make a bold statement no one will be able to miss. These Big Face T-shirts feature your favorite animal boldly emblazoned on a vibrantT-shirt.

Product Review : With my aging and growing belly (should have reached full-size by now since I am in my sixties), this tee is absolutely outstanding in my opinion. The belly adds a true 3D look to the face, beyond the photo itself, and the grandkids go wild when I wear it. I also have the Pug and Hamster ones, and they, too are loved by kids. Get it from Amazon for $7.09


3. Sex Panther Cologne

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It’s the officially licensed cologne from Anchorman. 60% of the time, it works every time, so pick some up as a gift for your man friend and let the hunt begin.

Product Review : My brother loves the Anchorman movies, so my sister decided to buy this for him for Christmas. Let me tell you: IT SMELLS SO GOOD!! The delivery was fast and the bottle is really cool, too. If you’re wondering if this might just be a crappy, gimmick-y cologne, don’t worry. As well as serving its novelty purposes, it seriously smells manly and nice. Get it from Amazon for $40.65


4. Bluetooth Gloves

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For those colder climates, these comfy gloves come with Bluetooth technology that lets you take your phone calls without having to take your gloves off. They’re great for winter sports, camping, travel, and other cold weather activities.

Product Review : I did have to get two pairs of these gloves, because the first pair didn’t work. We got them connected to a phone once, but then they stopped working. I had them plugged in for hours and they seemed to be charging, but they wouldn’t turn on at all. Get it from Amazon for $39.95


5.Suit Pajamas

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Who better to take fashion tips from than the most awesome bro on television? The suit pajamas worn by Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother make a perfect gift for fans of the show and awesome bros everywhere.

Product Review : My husband loves the show “How I met your mother.” When I first saw these, I knew I had to buy them! The fabric is so soft and silkie. My husband says the pants are very comfortable, and he looks pretty great in them too! The only downside is that the pants and shirt fit great, but the jacket is a bit to small. Get it from Amazon for $99.95


6. Fatboy Bean Bag

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Fatboy Bean Bags are a more sophisticated version of the beanbags he remembers from his childhood. They’re fun, functional, and completely comfortable, making them a great gift for college dorms, bachelor pads, and mancaves.

Product Review : I saw a Fatboy bean bag chair and ordered one but also tried the ottoman for another chair. The ottoman size is perfect and the color is subtle with a slight sheen to it. Very good for houses with kids and animals. I use my bean bag Fatboy for a comfortable, easy to move chair in my bedroom. They are super tough and durable while at the same time attractive and comfortable. Get it from Amazon for $210.73


7. Nubrella Hands Free Umbrella

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Finally, a hands free umbrella that keeps you dry and warm without occupying your hands. The umbrella rests over your head and upper torso, leaving your hands free for cell phones, briefcases, and hailing a cab.

Product Review : Gave this as a birthday gift to my boss who adores fishing. At first it got a laugh, but then he saw how handy this would be! Now he doesn’t have to stop fishing just because of a little rain shower. A very practical item! Get it from Amazon for $14.99


8. Beardski Ski Mask

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The Beardski Ski Mask is all that is man, so pick one up for the awesome man on your gift list. It’s perfect for snowboarders, skiers, snowmobilers, and anyone who wishes he could grow a full, manly beard to keep himself warm on cold winter days.

Product Review : This mask is legit! Excellent craftsmanship and quality materials. people complain about the mustache but it can be brushed or trimmed to make it more comfortable. I also like that the nose cover can be folded under if you want that true beard look. Velcro fastener offers great adjustment and the fleece interior of the mask is very comfortable. Get it from Amazon for $29.40


9. Pick Punch

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Guitar picks are constantly being lost and misplaced, so don’t let your musician friend worry about running out at the most inconvenient times. The Pick Punch lets him create guitar picks out of an endless supply of materials. Old ID badges, expired credit cards, and recycled hotel keys are great go-to options.

Product Review : Had it for about 4 months and I’ve made tons of picks already from old credit cards, hotel keys, casino player cards and those annoying cards you get from promotional junk mail. If you do it right you can get 5 picks from one card. See photos. Get it from Amazon for $19.95


10. Sphero

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Use your smart phone, iPod Touch, or tablet to control the innovative Sphero. It comes with fun, free downloadable games that everyone can play.

Product Review : I got this as a gift for an 8 year old (with a 10 year old sister) and they are both in love with it. There are so many different apps and games that you can play with it that they haven’t gotten bored yet! We have actually been having a lot of fun coming up with our own games to play with Sphero as well. Get it from Amazon for $129.99


11. Camera Lens Mug

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A travel sized coffee mug features incredible detailing to look just like a camera lens.

Product Review : I chose my Seller based off all of the feedback that I read and the reviews as they are clearly mixed. Obviously there are some bad sellers with imitations having the wrong labeling, cheap plastic dollar store style imitators vs. the one you see in the advertisement. Be very careful which seller you purchase this from. Get it from Amazon for $10.69

12. Underwater Dogs

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The Underwater Dogs book is a fun, funny, and delightfully surprising photo book for the dog lover on your gift list.

Product Review : I assume dogs have ALWAYS looked like this when they are diving & playing in the water. Now, Seth Casteel has captured for us views that have never been seen before. After a 1-page introduction, each turn of a page shows a photo of a dog looking into water or diving under the surface pursuing a toy. Get it from Amazon for $12.18


13. Voodoo Knife Block

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Add a touch of dark whimsy to the kitchen with this fun and unique Voodoo Knife Block set.

Product Review : Got this as a funny gift for my boyfriend, he loves it! It’s funny and the knives are actually really good. It’s been a great conversation piece and the knives being so good is a bonus. The clear plastic backing behind the sharp points of the knives makes it safe for countertop use. I was surprised that it is made of hard plastic but there is a heavy weight in the bottom to keep it sturdy on the counter or tabletop. Get it from Amazon for $159


14. Star Wars Origami

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Origami originated in China and Japan, but Star Wars Origami was first practiced in a galaxy far, far away. Learn how to make several Star Wars inspired projects using the fun and traditional art of paper folding.

Product Review : I have an 8 year old boy who’s obsessed with the origami yoda books. Well, we’ve read them all and I thought this would be a cool add on gift for his birthday. I’m not year old boy, but I’m impressed by it. First off, the quality is awesome (as expected). The best part is, it comes with pages of paper so that these intricate folds have matching art work. Get it from Amazon for $12.77


15. Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser

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Now he can have his candy and eat it, too. He can fill the candy dispenser with his favorite treat and then choose between three different settings, depending on how much candy he’d like to have dispensed. Candy poursout in its proper amount with a simple wave of the hand.

Product Review : I was a little leary at first when purchasing a motion activated dispenser, but this one has been in constant use now at work and never a problem with dispensing! very easy to fill, clean and change bartteries. It will dispense candies as large as an Almond M&M. The batteries life is quite good as well. Get it from Amazon for $34.99


16. Bacon Salt

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Spice up your favorite meals with this awesomely unusual and delicious bacon salt sampler.

Product Review : I mean bacon flavoring onto all of your food. Bacon Salt is a low sodium, zero calorie, zero fat, vegetarian and kosher seasoning that makes everything taste like bacon. I love this Bacon Salt in just about anything that you need flavor. Get it from Amazon for $28.80


17. Titanium Spork

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The end all be all eating utensil is the titanium spork. It’s a spoon-fork combo made of hypoallergenic, non-toxic titanium. It’s a tough yet lightweight utensil that’s perfect for dorm rooms, man caves, and meals by the campfire.

Product Review : My trusty friend, a plastic Light My Fire spork, passed away last year. He lost a terrible fight with a particularly heavy textbook that took place in my backpack one day. We had spent so many happy times together–in the Tetons, on the Appalachian Trail, and countless packed lunches in college. Get it from Amazon for $13.84


18. Magic Wand Remote Control

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For the Harry Potter fan or anyone who fancies himself a wizard, the magic wand TV remote is an awesome addition to the home entertainment system. It’s programmed to learn 13 infrared remote control moves that the user replays at his command using 13 easy-to-learn wand gestures.

Product Review : This was the best purchase I have made on amazon. The wand worked like a charm! I thought it would have been more complicated to set up or use, but this wand works beyond my expectations and is really fun to use. The directions are simple to understand and the wand is easy to set up! I am ordering another one for my nephew today because this wand/remote just works, and since my nephew is a Harry Potter fan, he will love it! Get it from Amazon for $64.95


19. Tiki Head Tissue Box Cover

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A tiki head tissue box cover adds some humor to your décor. It’s a funny gift that will become a great conversation starter.

Product Review : Have a beach home motif with Tikis. Needed rear speaker stands for my bedroom. Saw these Easter Island Moai faces and incorporated them into the speaker stands. My friend say they are fun and mysterious all at the same time, I agree. Get it from Amazon for $22.95


20. Fuzion Fish Eyes Rod and Wheel

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A rod and reel comes with a built-in underwater camera. The reel camera lets you see under the water, transmitting the footage to the LCD screen on the rod in real time. It’s perfect for finding and catching fish, or for having fun exploring local lakes and ponds.

Product Review : Actually saved my pole. I’ve been limited to fishing at night and I mainly fish for carp as that’s the only thing here in Colorado that puts up a fight other than stripped bass. The carp drug my pole into the water and the blue led light on it was just enough for me to see my pole while i was chest deep in the water chasing it. Get it from Amazon for $12.13


21. Survival Bracelet

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This stylish, masculine bracelet is actually a 2-in-1 survival kit. It’s made from a 16-foot parachute cord that’s accessed by unraveling the bracelet. In addition, it has a fire starter feature, in case you ever find yourself in need of warmth or light in the wilderness.

Product Review : Bracelet came with some good instructions and it was sturdy as hell. The only thing is that I wish the locking blade was a little less sharp and/or protected in some way. I gave it to an older man and his skin is now very thin and fragile so I advised him to never actually wear the bracelet as I was worried one flick of a wrist would cause the blade to break open his skin. Get it from Amazon for $10.97


22. Chalkboard Mug

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Great ideas often start after the first cup of coffee. After you’re sipping your morning cup, don’t be caught without a surface on which to capture your great ideas. The chalkboard mug serves as both a coffee mug and—you guessed it—a chalkboard.

Product Review : We recently purchased the Konitz Classic Chalk Talk Mug as gifts for good friends. We thought the idea of being able to write and erase on the cup was perfect, since the husband of this couple changes his mind about what football or baseball team he is currently supporting, according to whether they are winning or losing!!! Get it from Amazon for $34.99


23. Zombie Tarot

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These tarot cards are more man-friendly than your typical deck: the artwork is a fun and campy zombie take on the classic tarot card theme.

Product Review : Giggle. Snort. Roll on the floor laughing. Guaranteed you will do one or all of these if you get this deck! What a complete package! I gotta say, I just got these cards today, and I can’t stop looking at them. I have been thru this deck three times, the third time literally with a magnifying glass…the authors have made the words “attention to detail” their mission statement. Get it from Amazon for $14.84


24. USB Pet Rock

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Most USB sticks are plain and boring, but not this one. Make your day more interesting with the USB Pet Rock. Enjoy your pet rock’s company as you work throughout the day, and you’ll also love all the attention it brings from curious onlookers.

Product Review : i trained my rock to walk itself and looks great in the flowers, it is not like all the other rocks you would find randomly outside but it is very unique. Do not buy any other rock but this one. Get it from Amazon for $10.62


25. Skatecycle

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This awesomely unusual gift for men is a hubless, self-propelled skate. He can take on flat ground or enjoy it at the skate park.

Product Review : I Feeling LOVE THIS THING! Amazingly fun when you learn how to ride it! Most of the reviews i read said it took them up to 3weeks-3months to learn so i took the challenge and i learned how to ride it in 2 days! It is EXTREAMLY enjoyable ride and is a challenge to learn, but if you stick to it the skatecycle is extreamly enjoyable. Get it from Amazon for $149

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