4 Indications Your Watch Needs Service Or Repairs

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August 20th, 2018   |   Updated on August 27th, 2018

While most fine timepieces, such as Seiko watches, are designed to last a lifetime, watches are still subject to various issues. From contact with perspiration and rain, magnetization and dings, the problems that may occur are vast.

In most cases, service and repairs for the problems mentioned above are typically not covered by the protection plan or warranty provided by a watch’s manufacturer. Also, these issues are usually allowed to persist until you are confident there is something going on with the watch.

Maintain Your Luxury Watch_7

To help avoid issues, try to have your watch serviced regularly. A professional will be able to determine if there are any problems that need to be addressed.

However, there are also some things you can watch for to determine if it’s time to seek service or repair for your watches. Keep reading to find out what these things are.

1. The Presence of Moisture in the Case

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If you notice moisture on your watch’s dial or inside the crystal, then you need to take your watch in for service as soon as you can.

On average, automatic watches have more than 100 parts. Even the smallest amount of moisture can begin to cause corrosion and dry out the lubrication in just a few hours after exposure.

If corrosion occurs, then the interior parts of your watch that were affected will have to be replaced. This can be costly, so it’s best to seek service as soon as any signs of condensation are detected.


2. The Second Hand Consistently Skips a Few Seconds

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If you have a watch that uses a quartz movement, then it means it has a battery. It’s not uncommon for this type of watch to begin skipping forward every two to five seconds.

This type of jumpy movement is an indication that the battery is reaching the end of its life. In most cases, it’s pretty affordable to replace the battery, so go ahead and make this investment so you have an accurate way to tell time, again.

If you leave a battery in too long that isn’t working properly, it may begin to leak battery acid, which can cause serious damage to the inner workings of your watch.


3. There’s Rattling Sounds Coming from the Interior of the Case

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You may take your watch for granted from time to time and believe that it can withstand anything you put it through.

However, most automatic movement includes more than 100 moving parts, with a chronograph having more than 250. Many of these parts are smaller than pinheads.

While the delicate gears and springs are durable, they are also sensitive. In many cases, your watch can survive a fall, but loose parts occur after a gentle jostle.

Make sure you pay attention to your watch to discover if something feels “off,” or if you hear a strange sound. If you do, make sure to take your watch in for service right away.


4. You are Planning to Go on Vacation

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If you have plans to travel, your watch may be exposed to a number of new hazards, including security scanners at the airport, chlorine, salt and water at the beach or even a slightly warmer climate.

It’s a good idea to have your watch serviced before you leave to ensure there are no issues.

If you want to ensure your watch is working properly, then you need to use the tips and information here. Seeking service and repairs in a timely manner will help ensure your watch works properly, regardless of where you are going or what you are doing.