7 Rules of Wearing Sweatpants in Real Life For Women

The 7 Rules of Wearing Sweatpants in Real Life

Published on February 27th, 2017

All of a sudden the fashion crowd has gotten hip to the style potential of your favorite lounging-on-the-couch-watching-Real-Housewives look. Yep, sweatpants—heck, even tracksuits—can be chic with the right kind of styling. Here’s how to wear them, including one super-cool trend you’ll be seeing everywhere in L.A. this year.

1. Get a matching overcoat


Yep, this is the look you’ll be seeing a ton of in 2017. The long, lightweight coat turns sweats into a fresh version of a suit. With heels, it’s workday creative office attire; with shower slides, a weekend post-gym look. Check out


2. Go full skater chick


This is the uniform of café-sitting screenwriters all over the West Side. Slip on some Vans, snuggle into a hoodie and all of a sudden, your knock-around sweats are part of a Cali-cool outfit. Buy now.

3. Throw on a silk blouse

Girl Wear Sweatpants

A slinky top looks surprisingly right with track pants, especially when your shoes and bag are structured ladylike numbers, too. Get one.

4. Wear with heels


Matching brights become an outfit when paired with strappy heels. Buy one .

5. Pair with loafers


So preppy-cool. Like you just remembered you were late for your symposium while you were playing field hockey. Get now.


6. Contrast with an embellished jacket


It’s all about high-low here: Your embroidered, shiny jacket is classing up those casual bottoms. (Extra credit for matching your leather heels.) Click here.

7.  All black with a statement coat

Sweatpants fashion

A large jacket over matching black sweats is an easy way to look casual yet sleek. Plus, all the pockets mean you don’t even need a bag. Get one.