What Does A Bridal Wedding Party Need To Be?

Bridal Wedding Party

November 29th, 2023   |   Updated on February 13th, 2024

A wedding day is an exciting and emotional day, but it can also be inherently stressful.

There’s so much going on with the wedding day itself, that the topic of a bachelorette party can seem like something of an extraneous distraction at times.

However, this perspective could neglect the kind of potential that these events have – and how welcome of a break the event itself can be.

Getting to spend that time with your friends amidst all of the potential stress and chaos of wedding planning can be valuable, and while it might be up to your friends to ultimately plan it, you might feel compelled to provide some general guidance.

Should There Be A Theme?

It can feel natural to include a theme when it comes to events like this because it can provide a structure that everything else falls into.

Being too rigid about the inclusion of a theme, though, might result in it feeling forced. Thinking about the nature of the event can be a good indicator of whether one is necessary.

Take gambling as a theme, for example. If the event is taking place at home, this can mean that games are played, either with a pack of cards or through high roller casino sites, and effort is made to decorate the space in a suitable way.

However, you might feel as though this idea has more potential when your group is traveling to destinations like Atlantic City or Vegas that cater to this theme.

Small-Scale vs. Grand

There is another conundrum that the organizers of this event are likely to encounter before too long.

How big should this be? The answer is subjective, of course, but due to the gravity of the wedding as a life event, many will feel like the bachelorette party will need to match it in scale.

This doesn’t have to be the case, though, and an alternative perspective might insist that due to the scale of the wedding day itself, it might be more appropriate for a small-scale event to allow the bride to spend some time with her loved ones in a more relaxed setting.

There’s no correct answer, but if the planning is mostly out of your hands, you might be inclined to give a preference if you have one so that you get the most out of this event.


Questions of scale and whether or not there should be a theme are ultimately joined at the hip, as is the question of how focused this event should be.

Should this party be a day of planned activities that took a lot of planning and effort to put together? Or would you rather just spend some time with your friends talking and potentially having food and drinks? At a glance, it would seem like this is tied to the question of scale but that’s not necessarily the case.

You can have a small gathering that’s intensely scheduled and a large party that’s structureless, with the sheer variety of options potentially being what’s both daunting and exciting about these occasions.

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