27 Really Weird Marriage Customs From Around The World

Weird Marriage Customs

Published on August 23rd, 2018

Throwing the bouquet high, removing the garter, cutting the cake,  these are some wedding traditions that involve the process of a marriage.

Weddings are a soulful affair, and  a very big deal across the world as well. Wedding traditions bring together family and friends, ensure everyone has a lot of fun doing rituals and customs.

Around the globe, there are various marriage traditions. While some of these marriage traditions are beautiful and meaningful, some of the others are as funny as they are weird. Some wedding traditions even make you a little uncomfortable. Let us have a look at 27 weird marriage customs from around the world.

1. Kidnapping The Bride

Kidnapping The Bride

In Kyrgyzstan, the rule for marriage is simple. Just kidnap the girl and take her to your home. Once there the females of the house would convince her to marry the guy and in most situations, she has to agree. However, this marriage was declared illegal in 1991.


2. Blacken The Bride

Blacken The Bride

The idea of a scot wedding is highly different. The bride and groom are pelted with different types of food trash. It is believed that if they can withstand this torture then their marriage is going to survive anything.


3. Tears Of Love

Tears Of Love

In China, the Tujia people have a strange tradition where the bride and the women in her family start crying one month before the wedding date. The ideal time duration for crying is 1 hour every day.


4. Mauritanian Fat Wedding

 Mauritanian Fat Wedding

In the country of Mauritania, it is still believed that marrying fat women would bring luck and prosperity. Hence brides are force-fed before their wedding which is often not very beneficial.


5. Whale’s Tooth

Whale’s Tooth

Fiji men have a tough task to accomplish before planning to marry their beloved. You can only get her once you offer your future father in law a whale’s tooth.


6. Love Of Chicken Liver

Love Of Chicken Liver

Another one from China, this involves the couples to open up a chicken and see its liver. In case it is healthy they can proceed with the wedding. Else wait till you find a healthy one.


7. No Bathroom Breaks

Bathroom Breaks

Borneo also has some strange tradition to boast of. The newlyweds here cannot leave their homes on the wedding day even to use the bathroom. Considered to bring good luck this one is strictly practiced.


8. Block The Path

Block The Path

China men have a lot of difficulties to pass before getting wed. First of all, he has to pass through a group of angry bridesmaids who would make him do silly tasks just to see how strong his affection is.


9. Courting Hut

Courting Hut

In Africa, women enter a “courting hut” so that they can select their future spouse away from the sights of their family.


10. Mate-Grabbing


Certain gypsy groups see the males forcibly grabbing the girl and start kissing her. This shows their interest and the girl has to oblige.


11. Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

A highly couple oriented country, South Korea sees many couples celebrating the 14th of every month as a valentine day.


12. Tree-Marrying Wives

Tree-Marrying Wives

India is home to a tradition that some girls may cause their husband to die as their birth period was cursed. To avoid that they marry a tree first and then cut it down.


13. The Graveside Wedding

The Graveside Wedding

Some Russians marry near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow. This is their idea of showing how serious and committed they are to the relation.


14. Love Bridge

Love Bridge

This tradition started in Rome but gained importance in other areas as well. People come to a bridge, bring a decorated lock and throw its key in the waters showing that their love is forever.


15. Love Spoons

Love Spoons

Wales sees a man gift his wife a carved wooden spoon which signifies that he will take care of her food and other responsibilities.


16. Broken Relationships Museum

Broken Relationships Museum

If you have had a failed marriage you can showcase its mementos and souvenirs in a museum located in Zagreb, Croatia.


17. The Gerewol Festival

The Gerewol Festival

To attract future mates men in Niger dress up in extensive costumes and perform before them. After they are done the women choose their partner.


18. Money Dance

Money Dance

When in Greece you would see the bride and groom dancing and the guests sticking money to their clothes.


19. Russian Valentine’s Day

19. Russian Valentine's Day

On March 8th Russia celebrates its women’s day and the men offer special gifts to the women and even do any of their household jobs.


20. Doll Bride

 Doll Bride

Puerto Rico wedding sees a doll being placed at the head of a table and it is surrounded by charms and gifts. Once the wedding is done, guests get these trinkets for themselves.


21. White Day

White Day

Just one month after the Valentine’s Day, the White’s day sees women buying special gifts for the men in their lives.


22. Jump the Broom

Jump the Broom

In Deep South America, black newlyweds follow the old tradition of jumping over the broom. It symbolizes that they are moving ahead in life.


23. Bachelor and Spinster Balls

Bachelor and Spinster Balls

For kids who have been secluded in their childhood, this tradition from Australia is the chance to mix up with people of the opposite sex. However, it also sees a lot of drinking and dangerous stunts which can be risky.


24. TV Dating

TV Dating

Shagun TV channel in India sees broadcasting profiles of singles with the hope that other interested single would give a call.


25. The Wife-Carrying

The Wife-Carrying

Sonkarjävi, Finland is where competitors pick up their wives or partners and pass the huge obstacle course. People from all over the world participate in it.


26. Romantic Tattoos

Romantic Tattoos

Arabic, African, and Indian women apply henna on their hands before the wedding. It is a symbol of eternal companionship.


27. Love Songs

Love Songs

Papua New Guinea sees a tribe paint the bodies to impress the women. Also knows as sing sings they imitate the male birds mating rituals.

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