What Is Addiction Treatment Like?

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Published on December 12th, 2018

Addiction treatment is not easy and it may take a different span of time depending on the severity of the problem.

Once you discover that you have a problem, you need to find a reputable rehabilitation center like get all the help you require.

While addiction treatment can take months, the following are some of the recovery phases addicts go through while recovering;

1. Admitting To Having A Problem

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The first step is admitting that you have a problem. It doesn’t matter the reason why you got into your addiction in the first place, once you admit that you have a problem then your recovery journey begins.


2. Find Support

Finding the right support for your addiction recovery journey will help to keep you accountable and give you all the support you need whenever you want it. While most people get support from their AA, one can have a friend, doctor, family member, or any other person they are comfortable with as their support system.


3. Detoxing

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Just after beginning your sobriety, it is usually hard to get through the withdrawal symptoms and other people will get a severe hangover. That is why one need to detox to make the process a lot smoother. Also, it is advisable to seek professional supervision during this period.


4. Early Sobriety

It is unlikely for one to immediately transition to being completely okay in the early stages of addiction recovery. While it has been debated whether Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome is real or not, most people on the recovery road tend to experience anxiety, depression, irritation, panic or even trouble sleeping.


5. Getting New Habits

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Many addicts trying to recover usually experience anger at first during the first days of recovery. This is usually accompanied by mourning but after this stage, you will likely start picking up new habits. Replacing the old unhealthy habits with healthy ones will have a positive impact on the decisions you make towards your recovery.


6. Feel-good Days

Once you start getting better, you will realize that you generally feel better and that you are more productive. These days are referred to as ‘pink cloud’ and while you may not experience them every day, they are a good indication of progress.


7. Make Things Right

To satisfy your addiction needs, you are likely going to let go of some of your responsibilities. This is a good stage to start picking up things where you left them and get your life back again.


8. Avoid Relapsing

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It is important to take care of yourself so that you can avoid relapsing. You need to avoid habits that will make you relapse. Get new hobbies and have new routines that will keep you occupied to avoid going back to your old habits.


9. Wrap Up

Down your road to addiction recovery, you have to learn to be really disciplined. Having a proper support system and finding help in the right places will go a long way to help you recover from your addiction problem.