10 Amazing Gifts That Every Kid Will Love

Updated on September 6th, 2018

Finding gifts for kids can be tricky. This list of 10 gifts will make that task a bit easier as you will find many awesome gift ideas for all the kids- toddlers, nieces, nephews or grandchildren- in your life. Surprise them with unique gifts and watch the smile light up their face! The perfect gift is just a scroll away!


1. Glow In The Dark Indoor Basketball Hoop

Enjoy an exciting game of hoops day or night using the glow in the dark indoor basketball hoop. This luminescent setup comes decked out with a spring action break-away glow in the dark rim complemented by equally radiant backboard graphics.

glow-in-the-dark-basketball-hoops-640x533             Get one here


2. LEGO Digital Camera

Teach your offspring the joys of photography from an early age with the LEGO digital camera. This unique 3 mega pixel camera holds up to 80 photos, comes with a built in flash and features a vibrant LEGO brick frame designed to make photography fun for everyone.

lego-digital-camera1               Available here

3. Water Shooter Pool Toy

Bring all the fun of a carnival to your backyard pool with the water shooter pool toy. Once inflated, you and a friend go head to head by grabbing the constant supply water pistols and shooting away to see who can manage to knock all the balls out of their tube first.

             Catch this one here


4. Seated Zip Line Kit

Experience a mini adrenaline rush from the comfort of home with the seated zip line kit. Forget about those lame tree houses or swing sets, they don’t even come close to providing the thrill that zipping across the yard suspended in mid-air can provide!

seated-zip-line             Get one here


5. LEGO Brick Eraser Set

Battle boredom in the workplace by stocking up on the LEGO brick eraser set – office supplies that doubles as toys. Sure they’ll correct your writing errors, but the real fun of these LEGO erasers comes from playing with them as if they were your own toys!

lego-brick-eraser-heads             Available here

6. LEGO Watch

It’s all smiles and good times when you go to check the time on your LEGO watch. This eye-catching timepiece comes in a bright “LEGO yellow” color and features a vibrant and welcoming LEGO man on the face of the watch who is more than eager to tell you the time!

lego-watch             You CAN catch this one here


7. Mini Ferrari Battery Car

Teach your pint size jet setter about the finer things in life from early on with the mini Ferrari battery car. This exotic battery car is styled like an expensive Ferrari and comes with a 12V battery under the hood that provides enough juice to smoke any other kid at the playground.

mini-ferrari-battery-powered-car                               Get one here


8. 3D Play Rug

Make playtime more interactive than ever for your little youngsters with the 3D play rug. This lively rug sprawls over an area of 59″ x 40″ and displays a pleasant little town equipped with 3 dimensional roads, buildings and even a soccer field for recreation.

3d-play-rug                                     Available here


9. Door Frame Swing

If you don’t want to take your kid to the park or want to beat the outdoor heat, the indoor door frame swing is the answer to your prayers. It can be set up on most door frames to provide your kid with hours of safe entertainment while you enjoy the perks of staying indoors.

                                     You CAN catch this one here


10. Pool Couch

If you’re going to bum it out on a couch all day, you might as well get a tan in the process. The Pool Couch is an inflatable water float that easily fits two people and their drink of choice in the built in arm rest cup holders, and makes a great gift to relax on the water.

pool-couch1             Get one here

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