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21 Helpful Tips Before You’re Going To DATE Someone Seriously

January 31st, 2019   |   Updated on September 18th, 2021

Most men crib that it is quite difficult to decipher what their female counterparts want from them. However, we beg to differ and feel that if you want to actually come closer to a woman then you should definitely give her what she wants. It is not tough at all to unlock a woman’s heart and we give you 15 ways to do so.

Even if you put these thoughts into practice it won’t be much time before she starts responding in the way you want her to. These tips are a getaway into a woman’s heart and the sooner you learn to do so the better it is going to be.

1. Having Close Friends Around Helps. They Are Your Valuable Aid And Support Because They Are The People You Care About. In Addition, They Are Going To Be Your Support System, If Your Nascent Relationship Dives South.



2. Having Close Friends Around Helps. They Are Your Valuable Aid And Support Because They Are The People You Care About. In Addition, They Are Going To Be Your Support System, If Your Nascent Relationship Dives South.



3. Spend Your Time With Those You Do Not Want To Settle For Good So You Know The Difference It Makes When Someone Is Treating You Well Enough To Make You Feel At The Top Of The Heaven So You Can Turn Away The Misfit Suitors Before Wasting Your Time On Them.



4. When The Time Comes, You Should Be Able To Use Your Skills To Interact Smoothly And Impress Someone’s Parents.



5. Financial Stability Is A Critical Factor So That You May Feel Confident With Your Expenses Along With The Freedom To Spend The Way You Want And Who Knows, You May Need To Play The Helping Out Role.



6. What You Want To Be And To Do In The Next Five Years From Now Is Important.



7. Be Clear On Things That Are Important For You In Life. You Do Not Then Need To Convince Your Relationship Partner On Critical Decisions On Whether And When To Have Kids Your Travel Priorities. Relationship Is Not Meant To Be A Trap Or Clash Of Likes And Dislikes.



8. Have Enough Satisfying Experiences To Look Back Fondly Upon So You Don’t Regret Later Or Crib Having Never Done Things You Had The Chance.



9. Keep Off All Your Exes For Good To Ensure Your Peace Of Mind And Not Having To Take The Late Night Call Telling Each Other How Miserably You Have Been Missing Each Other Or How Is She Doing.



10. A Sense Of Maturity Adds To The Strength Of The Relationship And Never Having To Break Up With Someone Over A Text Message, Or For Some Silly Reason In A Disrespectful Manner.



11. This Is The Time When You Need The Company Of Family, Friends And Authority Figures For Sane Counsel And Advice When The Relationship Encounters Difficult Moments. You Will Need Them Anyway For A Successful Long Term Relationship.



12. What You Need At This Time Is Flexibility Because You Can No Longer Afford To Make Choices Selfishly Especial When Family Emergencies Arise Or When You Need To Adjust To Someone’s Work Pressure.


13. It Helps To Be Aware That When You Are In A Relationship Growth, Change And Fun Do Not End Suddenly.



14. Is Security The Prime Reason For Wanting To Get Into A Relationship? Think Again, If You Are Obsessively Scared Of Being Lonely, You May Need Therapy, Not Another Person To Walk In And Out Of Your Life Within Months.



15. Give Vent To Your Dream To Learn New Things And Fall In Love With Culture, Music, And Hobbies You Had Never Even Given A Thought To.



16. Jealousy And Its Random Bursts Is Pretty Common In Relationships But You Need To Control It Because It Doesn’t Help To Call Your Significant Other Early Morning In Tears To Complain Why He Forgot To Text Back.



17. You Must Know The Values You Introduce To The Relationship And The Clear Idea On Your Positive Assets Is The Reason Someone Would Want To Date You.



18. You Not Only Need To Have Your Firm Standards And Boundaries But Must Also Maintain Them Unscrupulously



19. Nevertheless, Your Dating Partner’s Boundaries Must Also Be Respected. You Will Surely Find Lots Of Common Grounds Between The Two Of You Without Having To Impose Your Own.



20. Your Ability To Be Independent And Take Care Of Yourself Is A Great Asset. Otherwise, You Must Develop This Ability, For You May Possibly Need It Again After The Relationship.



21. You Must Be Clear In The Understanding That The Relationship Is Not A Burden You Are Bound To Carry If Someone Is Not Treating You The Way You Deserve To Be Treated. There Is A Difference Between Self-preservation And Commitment.



Love Is Friendship That Has Caught Fire. It Is Quiet Understanding, Mutual Confidence, Sharing And Forgiving. It Is Loyalty Through Good And Bad Times. It Settles For Less Than Perfection And Makes Allowances For Human Weaknesses. ~~ Ann Landers

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