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How To Build Your Own Digital TV Antenna

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Published on March 23rd, 2019

The cable bills are burning your pocket and leading to disruption in your monthly budget? You may be surely missing out on local channels which are available free of cost. But you can try out the TV antenna which would save you from the monthly cable expenses and at the same time provide free TV. When you go in to purchase a TV antenna from any store then it may cost you around $40 or even more. But there is a cheaper way of getting a TV antenna, just DIY the antenna at home itself.

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  • Before you start off with the process of building your own digital TV antenna, it is important to gather all the required hardware so that you need not have to search later. Few of the materials that would be required are, 2×3 or 2×4 wooden board, pencil, around 18 screws which should not be deeper than your selection of wood, coat hangers for preparing the wire antenna, copper wire that can be used from an old PC power supply unit, grill trays which can be found from an old disposable BBQ kit and coaxial cable which you may be having from your old TV unit else you can purchase this one from the store.
  • Firstly, lay a 2×4 wooden board on the ground. Note that is should be 3feet long. Next is to fix screws on the wooden board. You can fix between 8 to 16 screws on the board. Ensure to not fasten those screws too tightly. Hence keep them loose. You can put the screws in two rows wherein there are 4 screws in each of the row. Note that the screw should be within a distance of ¾ inch away from the edge of the board.
  • Now it’s time to get the wire coat hangers. Remove the heads from the eight wire coat hangers. Uncoil those. The next step is to fold each of the wires in two for forming a shape that would look similar to a letter V. Each of the folded wire should be placed on the top of the screw. While doing so, keep a check that the tips of those wires do not come in contact with each other. The measurements play an important role in each of the setup process so as to ensure that the antenna carries out its job perfectly. Hence do not fold the coat hangers randomly into half.
  • Get the insulated copper wire and place it on the board. Cut the insulation from the wire with the help of a pair of pliers. While cutting them, note that you do not end up cutting more than one inch. It is now time to connect the wire on to the screws. The exposed end of the wire can now be coiled around the screws which are on the outer side. This should be done for both sides of the board.
  • Now cut again an inch of insulation piece from the central portion of the copper wire which would be running from the second screw on to the third screw. Once all this process is completed, it is time to tighten up the screws that were placed on the board.
  • Get the metal grill screens and a transformer. Place the metal grill screens on the back portion of the wooden board. Place the transformer on to the front portion of the wooden board. From the wires of the transformer, cut out some of the insulation and connect them to those wires from which you had previously cut out one inch. With the help of a 1 ½ inch screws, ensure to fix up the wires properly and securely.
  • Once you are done with building the digital outdoor TV antenna, it is now time to mount it at an appropriate location. You would need to place the antenna on the roof of the house so that it receives maximum signal strength.
  • For this, you would need to select a particular location on the rooftop and then mount the antenna there. One end of the L-bracket should be fastened on to the bottom of the wooden board whereas the other end should be fixed to the stationery object which you would be having on the rooftop.
  • Once the above process is done, you would need to connect the coaxial cable to the transformer and then run it smoothly down from the mounting point to your television unit inside the house.

Why To Build Your Own TV Antenna?


The question arises as to why should one build the TV antenna instead of purchasing it? Also aren’t there other options such as cable or satellite television? Well there are multiple reasons why it is better to build your own TV antenna.

  • To get a better antenna that would support long range would mean spending more money. For some of the people, it may not be an affordable option to purchasing the antenna.
  • When compared with other options of entertainment such as cable or satellite, the TV antenna is a better option since you get free over-the-air channels. When you have antenna in place, then you can get various local as well as regional channels from major broadcasting networks.
  • There are chances that due to bad weather or thunderstorm, the existing TV antenna must have blown down leading to a new replacement of TV antenna. For some, it is not possible to get a new antenna every time it gets blown by bad weather. Hence a DIY antenna is a best option.

There are few people who prefer to make their own stuff at home rather than purchasing one from the market. Also making a TV antenna at home is a simple process once you have all the items required for building them.
Irrespective of what the reason is for creating your own antenna, it is surely a better choice. Also making your own antenna from the items present at home itself would mean spending less for watching your favourite TV channel.