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8 Hot Spots For Treasure Hunting That Any Adventurer Should Visit

8 Hot Spots for Treasure Hunting That Any Adventurer Should Visit 2

Published on April 16th, 2019

If you can call yourself an adventurer and you want to be known as a treasure finder, plan your next vacation in one of the locations listed in this article. If you are fascinated with rare coins and precious items that have a truly impressive history, you are in the right place. Treasure hunters always look for places that are known for hiding something precious.

8 Hot Spots for Treasure Hunting That Any Adventurer Should Visit 2

Discovering a historic site by yourself is an experience that can’t be replaced with anything else in the world. Your next trip can be filled with adventure and hope as long as you decide to step outside of your comfort zone and reach the impossible. Even though many people before you tried to find these treasures, luck can show up in your path and you’ll become famous for your findings. Give these locations a try for some memories you won’t forget:


1. Arkansas, United States

There is a state park in Arkansas that many people visit because they believe that a few treasures are present on these lands. The park is called the Crater of Diamonds State Park and has no less than 900 acres. The area is known for the fact that some people found diamonds buried in the ground in the early 1900s. Commercial companies saw the prospect and decided to mine the area, but no success.

The park became a tourist attraction and treasure hunters didn’t lose their hopes to find diamonds here. The interest was stirred even more when a tourist finally found a large 15-carat diamond on these lands somewhere around 1950. Specialists decided that there should be more than one single diamond in the area, so it became one of the most famous sites for treasure hunting.


2. Ozark Hills, Missouri

The copper mine found in the Ozark Hills in Missouri is another location that treasure hunters should put on their list. The location became known during the 18th century. The person who owned the mine at the time brought a lot of precious copper on the market, and his flourishing activity stirred interest among people in New Orleans who bought the material from him. Even so, the mine’s owner tried his best to keep the location of his mine secret and secure.

In order to do that, he pretended that his mine was actually a few miles away from its actual location, filing paperwork for this fake place. The only person who knew about the mine was the owner’s daughter. The owner’s family had to move away temporarily, so he decided to hide the entrance to the mine. Adventurers look for the entrance to this day, so you should visit the Ozark Hills too, hoping to find it yourself.


3. Auburn, California

If you know a thing or two about the Gold Rush era, you definitely heard about Auburn in California before. This location is well-known for the gold discoveries of 1848. The Old Town of Auburn is decorated beautifully, telling the story of the gold prospectors of the past. Because the prices of gold were on the rise during the 19th and 20th century, people started to find the most popular locations for finding the precious metal. This is what brought people back to Auburn and the American River, where gold used to be found in the past. The Auburn State Recreation Area should definitely be on your treasure hunting list as well.


4. Oak Island, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is well-known for its gorgeous sceneries, so it is a popular tourist location already. Sailboats roam freely around Nova Scotia, and this was one of the elements that made people believe that Oak Island is full of hidden treasures. The conquest for treasures started way back, in the 1850s. The Oak Island is the home of a deep depression, of around 60 meters.

The depression earned its name – the Money Pit. It is said that pirates used the Money Pit to hide their treasures in the past, thus making this place a true excavation site. Some people simply take walking tours around this area because of how impressive it is. Using a metal detector in this area will require a treasure hunting license, so plan your trip wisely if you are willing to hunt here.


5. The Misima Island, Papua New Guinea

If you can travel to Papua New Guinea, don’t hesitate to visit the Misima Island. This island has a long history with treasure hunting and it’s a great touristic attraction too. The island is known for mining precious metals such as gold and silver, but the authorities of environmental and public health in the area placed it under control in 2004. The area still remains open for visitors, and you can bring your metal detector with you for sure. Small-scale mining operations are allowed as well, as long as they are not done at a commercial scale.


6. Lord Howe Island, Australia

For adventurers that want to visit exotic locations that are almost untouched, the Lord Howe Island is one of the places that you want to put on top of your list. One story that most people know about this island in Australia refers to the whaler ships that used to carry gold around this land. One of the ships hit a rock and went down along with the huge amounts of the precious metal.


7. Sumatra, Indonesia

A vessel got lost near Sumatra in Indonesia and many people believe that the shipwreck is full of treasures. This is why Sumatra is a popular location for treasure hunting lovers or people who simply feel lucky. The location is also an exotic one, perfect for long vacations. The ship was named Flor Do Mar and it has a great history that circulates among treasure hunters.


8. Amelia Island, Florida

There’s not much to say about Amelia Island in Florida other than it is gorgeous and it is also the host of a famous lost treasure. The treasure that people speak about lies somewhere around Amelia Island, where the San Miguel vessel sunk in 1715.