How To Find The Best Psychic Who Is Real And Won’t Waste Your Money

What Is Psychic Reading

Published on April 27th, 2019

The world today is extremely unpredictable. From politics to natural disasters to unemployment, society never feels secure or predictable. We all need reassurance that we’re doing the right thing for ourselves from time to time.

Many people choose psychics to find that sense of comfort and understanding in the world. The one who has an intelligence of the world beyond the day-to-day living.

Psychic Reading

Unfortunately, there are many people who choose to use our human needs against us. Scam and con artists can seem to be everywhere, however, there are also those who do their best to help others with their gift of clairvoyance.

You might not know much about psychic readings. If you do, you might not know if you prefer a session in person or over the phone. Once that is figured out, the guidance of a site like

Psychic Advisor still might be helpful. Someone who can help you find the right medium for you and your needs. They can show you the tips and tricks that fake psychics use to lure you into their services. Here are ways to find the best psychic.

1. Ask Around

You would be surprised at how many people have or continue to use psychics. Ask family, friends and trusted co-workers about which mediums they have used to learn about love, big decisions and more. If not, head to a local new-age store (one that sells tarot cards, sage, etc.) and ask the employees about their recommended medium and the types of readings that they offer.

2. Know What Type Of Reading That You Want

There are three general types of psychic readings: Intuitive, Akashic and Mediumship.

Intuitive is great for those who want a quick yet direct answer to a question. “Should I break up with my boyfriend? Will I get a promotion?” This is where they use their own intuition (hence the name) to find the answers that you seek. Some use tarot cards while others use telepathy from spiritual guides and energy fields to gather the information you ask for.

Akashic readings are more in-depth. This is where you can ask more questions that you need better understanding from. Questions that ask why what or how to pertain more details that could lead to better insight into what you want to know. Many mediums do this in a trance state to gain better focus and understanding for you.

Mediumship is great for those who want to connect with a loved one. Asking a direct question to a family member or friend might give you the clarity and understanding that you’re looking for. This can be done individually or in a group for those who would also like to reconnect with that person.


3. Know Your Budget


Working within your budget will give you the best chances of being satisfied with your reading. Paying absorbent prices for celebrity mediums or being put on a waiting list can take up time, money and energy that you might not have.

Look for popular mediums and if they’re not in your price range or not time sensitive, search for their recommendations. Often mediums network with one another and know who works well and who doesn’t. Find the best person for the best price based on their suggestions.


4. Be Open To Online Mediums

The world of communication changed drastically once the invention of the internet came along. There are as many wonderful honest mediums online, if not more than there are in person.

Unfortunately, there are many scams out there, but once you dig through, you can find some reliable psychics who do many different readings online.

You can find individual mediums or you can look through a network to seek the best online medium for you. Be wary of those who post their services on Facebook. Look into a person’s background, reviews, and critics to find someone legitimate. Anyone can make a website nowadays.


5. Follow Your Gut

Many times the advice of others can only help you so far. Judge for yourself who is the best medium for you. If you see something like “Madam so and so” or come across “best psychics” lists that feel more like advertisements, don’t trust it.

Practice your best judgment and be aware of those who speak in generalities, use vague statements, etc. Your own intuition may be the best one to follow after all.

Searching for the best psychic can be a daunting and challenging task. Thankfully there are resources available to help you find who and what you need. Seek out a medium the best way you can to answer your life’s most desired questions.