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How Sales Is A Perfect Blend Of Science And Art

Center Optimization Can Improve Sales

Published on April 3rd, 2019

Selling is not easy, and sales personnel need proper training like the famed Eric Lofholm Sacramento Sales Training to succeed in their career by contributing to the growth of the organization.

Since a big part of sales involves large scale human interaction, for long, people have considered itn art that requires some specific skills. Understanding what humans want and what they need and making the articles available to them on time is what sales are all about.

Creating a sales strategy constitutes of understanding consumer psychology, and salespeople use their product knowledge and communication skills to implement the strategy successfully.

Salespeople use their deft sense of timing by banking on experience to sell products or services.


Blend Of Art And Science

How To Drive Sales Online

However, sales strategies and skilled salespeople are not just enough to ensure positive sales because technology has brought about a radical change in sales management.

Business is now data driven and to gather business information and insights, business leaders and sales managers depend on extensive data analysis that helps to make well-informed decisions.

From monitoring consumer tastes and buying behavior to analyzing product performance to identifying low remunerative products, everything depends on data analysis.

Breaking new territories in business operations by introducing new products and services is only possible by using technology. Therefore, sales, as we see it today, are a blend of art and science.


Technology Helps To Add Value To Sales

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Business cards are important sources for creating customer databases. Even a decade ago, salespersons used to gather business cards from trade shows and exhibitions and then input the information in a spreadsheet that formed the customer database.

However, such compilation of data lacked in providing any qualified information about the sales prospects associated with each customer. It was not possible to know the position of the customer in the sales funnel.

All this has changed since the time customer relationship management programs, or CRMs became the most important tool for salesmen and sales managers alike.

The tool helps to instantly identify the position of the customer in the sales cycle and what kind of emphasis it requires from the sales perspective. The insight obtained from CRM adds real value to the sales process and individuals who contribute to taking the lead ahead.


CRM Aids Decision Making

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Technology like CRM has empowered Sales Managers who can now monitor sales progress and take fact-based decisions by putting information about prospects in the CRM tool.

By looking at the data from various angles they can devise suitable sales strategies that ensure high growth, highlight the resource requirement for achieving it and even points to the finance necessary to support additional spending in marketing. It has become easy to see the future and work out the path to progress by crunching data.

Availability of real-time data has enabled sales managers to take quick decisions by capturing the changing marketing scenarios almost immediately.

Although sales and marketing have embraced technology, the basic tenets of selling to humans remain unchanged and equally important.