A Guide To Acrow Props Why It Is Used In Construction Sites All Over The World


July 1st, 2018   |   Updated on August 1st, 2018

Acrow props have become an industry standard throughout the whole world. You can find acrow props in construction sites anywhere you go in the world. Acrow props are reliable, versatile and cost-effective over the long term. In this article, I have given a gleam of its history, its use and why it is used in construction sites all over the world.


After the industrial revolution took place construction boomed. Factories and new residences were popping up everywhere. Whole towns were being built throughout the western world. Up until the early 20th century wooden props were used as support structures throughout the construction industry.

Wooden props, however, were not cost effective as each prop had to be precisely cut and the same props couldn’t be used in other projects. William Alphonse Olivier de Vigier, a Swiss gentleman, born in 1912 had a long history of working in the technical industry.

He came to London in 1935 with an idea and only 50 pounds in his pocket. He approached an investor by the name of Arthur Crowe for investment. Olivier named the product he invented acrow props to show gratitude to his investor.

After his first batch of products was ready, he would spend the weekends visiting construction sites throughout London and showing his product. He couldn’t find a single customer for the first three months. Olivier had a breakthrough when he approached Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons, an already reputed builder in London. The rest is history.

What it is

The question that stands now is what exactly an acrow prop is. Basically a prop is a support structure that is used to support various loads in the construction site. Historically, wooden props have been used to support both vertical and horizontal loads. However, wooden props are time-consuming to make and cannot be reused multiple times.

Olivier invented the acrow prop, which is a prop made of steel. The prop consists of two steel tubes, an inner tube, and an outer tube. The outer tube has a threaded portion to it.

There are holes in it that can set the basic height using a simple hole and pin system. The threads allow the props to be adjusted within millimeters of the required height. The prop has two base plates welded at the ends of the two tubes so that it can steadily support the load.


Acrow props are most often used to provide vertical support when constructing a building. Another common usage is in scaffolding. It is also widely used as temporary support when making a lintel, repairing a beam, cutting a whole through the roof to create an arch or opening.

Acrow props are widely used in formwork of roofs, walls, and stairs. Acrow props are also used widely when removing a load bearing wall. The full scope of use of the props would require a separate article.


Acrow props are versatile and reliable. They can be used over and over again. They are a most reliable form of props if used properly. In the long run, acrow props can save a construction company a lot of money.

Acrow props have been used in the western world for a long time. It is quickly catching up elsewhere in the world. A word of warning, however. This widespread usage of acrow props has resulted in duplicate props infiltrating the markets. Be careful when buying or even renting props.