30 Affordable Things On Amazon That You Will Love To Buy

Affordable Things On Amazon

July 18th, 2017   |   Updated on May 30th, 2018

What can $30 get you these days? If you’re chilling at a Starbucks, you can enjoy approximately one designer drink and a ham-stuffed baguette.

How can you allow a 30 dollar bill to sprout wings and fetch you items that your friends and family will covet so bad they might actually consider murder? Simple! Head on over to Amazon, where good times are sometimes less than a two-day delivery away.

We hope you love the products we recommend. Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and purchase most often. Here are some of the coolest and affordable things on Amazon :

1. Because Everyone Knows That One Person

fun things to buy on amazon

Finally, these warm and comfortable poop emoji slippers — because everyone knows someone whose life revolves around that one little gross emoticon. Get it from Amazon for $19


2. Naturally Whiten Your Teeth With Charcoal

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People are flipping over this charcoal teeth whitening system, which uses all natural ingredients (like coconut oil and charcoal) to clean and whiten your teeth. Some say they saw results in as little as one brushing.  Get it from Amazon for $20


3. A Great Quality Brush Set That Won’t Fall Apart

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This professional Kitdine Kabuki makeup brush set comes with ten pieces that are all extremely durable, soft, easy to clean, and have reviewers raving about how great they are.  Get it from Amazon for $13.99


4. These Awesome Copper Mugs For A Great Price

cheap things to buy on amazon

I’m all about the Moscow Mule copper mugs trend, and this set of four is handcrafted and made from pure copper, but for an awesome price.  Get it from Amazon for $23.35


5. Style Your Hair In Minutes Without Damage

best things to buy

This Calily heated hair straightening brush has such high ratings because it makes your hair soft, straight, and manageable with just a few minutes of brushing, and it’s got ceramic and ionizing technology to minimize damage. Get it from Amazon for $23


6. Bring Your Tunes Anywhere With You

cheap things to buy

This Etekcity RoverBeats ultra portable wireless bluetooth speaker is super small, but it’s got a huge, clear sound, as well as a built-in mic for handsfree calling. Get it from Amazon for $19


7. Make A Bold, Fresh Cup Of Coffee Every Time

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You haven’t fully experienced coffee until you’ve pressed it yourself with this FP French Press Coffee Maker, which makes a bold, fresh cup of coffee every time that’s sure to impress your guests. Get it from Amazon for $18


8. Never Forget Your Phone Charger Again

best things on amazon

The stress of leaving your phone charger in your other bag or plugged into your wall is very real. Fortunately, so is this key ring, which has a phone charger built right into it! Attach you set of keys to it, and never be less than ‘100’ again. Get it from Amazon for $17.99


9. Every Millennial Should Have A Slow Cooker

cool things for christmas

No millennial should be without their own Proctor slow cooker, which lets you make impressive and delicious meals with minimal effort. This one has dishwasher safe parts, removable stoneware for easy cleaning, and a space-savvy four quart capacity. Get it from Amazon for $17.98


10. Filter Your Shower Water To Eliminate Chlorine & Chemicals

cool things to get on amazon

Your skin absorbs everything you put on it, and this Culligan filtered showerhead gets rid of 99 percent of chlorine and other chemicals in your shower water. Plus, it’s got a chrome finish and five powerful spray settings. Get it from Amazon for $30


11. Samurai Bracelet Watch

cool cheap things to buy

One lesser-known fact about the Samurai is their fondness for LED wristwatches. All about being promt, those guys. Sometimes, before unsheathing their swords, Samurai would even pause battle so that everyone could take their watch off and put it into their armor where it’d be protected even if they weren’t. Get it from Amazon for $8.94


12. Gun And Target Alarm Clock

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Make waking up a game (an awful, deadly game, but still) with an alarm clock you actually have to shoot! Will you use this? Maybe. Should you buy two so you can play modified laser tag? Absolutely. Get it from Amazon for $20.18


13. Syringe Pens

fun stuff to buy

If you were making a list of “things that are literally the coolest and for which shopping on the internet was designed” and don’t put syringe pens in your top 10, you need to look at your life and your choices. Get it from Amazon for $5.41


14. LED Valve Caps

cheapest item on amazon

Want to let people know you’re a big baller who’s serious about partying? Don’t spend thousands of dollars pimping your car. Just buy these two dollar LED valve caps and take ’em out for a spin. Get it from Amazon for $3.01


15. Lifestraw

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What are you gonna do when the world ends and you have to survive by drinking dirty toilet water and mud? How will you handle your next camping trip if you don’t have a clean water supply? How do you safely drink the water that you’re pretty sure has been sitting stagnant on your dining room table for weeks. Get it from Amazon for $19.98


16. Bluetooth “Music” Beanie

cheap stuff to buy online

Hate how your headphones get tangled up and having a bad hair day? Then this beanie, which will not make you look weird at all, is for you. Get it from Amazon for $10.99


17. Flashing Fingers Rave Gloves

cool amazon stuff

Pair these with the “music” beanie and the Aurora lights and you’ve got a really exciting party for one any time you want it. Get it from Amazon for $11.99


18. Shower Speaker

cheap amazon items

You’ve meant to get one of these for years. Now you can finally stop singing Jordin Sparks songs without accompaniment as you cleanse your most delicate parts. Get it from Amazon for $13.99


19. Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster

cool cheap things on amazon

What a time to be alive! Get it from Amazon for $19.99


20. Pet Umbrella

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Pets deserve dignity, too. Don’t let your dogs (or other small furry friends) suffer in the rain while you waltz around with your umbrella reminding them that you’re better than they are. Get it from Amazon for $14.99


21. Sony Dynamic Foldable Headphones

cool cheap stuff on amazon

These Sony foldable headphones make for a quality, and inexpensive, alternative to the expensive models. These are especially great for kids and teenagers who’ve outgrown child headphones. Get it from Amazon for $20.89


22. Anker PowerCore 10000

cool things for your room

The Anker PowerCore is one of the smallest smartphone chargers available and one of the best things to buy on Amazon. It packs quite a punch as well and gives you almost three-and-a-half iPhone 6s charges, and three Galaxy S6 charges. Get it from Amazon for $25.99


23. AmazonBasics AA Alkaline Batteries (48-Pack)

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We all need AA batteries, right? Why pay a hefty premium for Duracell or Energizer when you can get a 48-pack from Amazon for only $11? The reviews are stellar with an average of 4.5 stars on over 9,700 reviews. They flat-out last a long time. Get it from Amazon for $11


24. Crock-Pot 7-Quart Slow Cooker

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A 7 quart Crock-Pot for under $25? Sure, I’ll take a couple. The price on this one has been known to fluctuate a little bit, but right now you can get it for $24.99. It got awesome reviews on Amazon too. The average is 4.5 stars on over 1,000 legit reviews. Get it from Amazon for $26.99


25. VonShef Magical Defrosting Tray

cool stuff to get for christmas

Looks kinda gimmicky, but the VonShef Magical Defrosting Tray will thaw chicken breasts, steak, pork chops, lamb chops and more within 30-60 minutes (depending on thickness). A reviewer actually thawed 2 thick steaks in 25 total minutes. Get it from Amazon for $12.99


26. Foreverrise Solar Charger for Mobile Devices

cool cheap things to buy on amazon

This solar charger will easily charge your iPhone or Android device. All you need to make it happen is some sunlight. It also has a bright 4 LED flashlight making it a must have for hiking, camping, or emergencies. Get it from Amazon for $16


27. SanDisk Ultra 64GB USB 3.0 OTG Flash Drive

cool things you can buy on amazon

Wow, a SanDisk 64GB flash drive for under $20? Crazy. It transfers files quickly too? 130MB/s to be exact. It also comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Get it from Amazon for $23.61


28. YOSH Universal Waterproof Case

cool things you can buy

For under $7, this waterproof case from YOSH provides some nice peace of mind and protection for your smartphone. This bad boy has over 3,000 Amazon reviews and gets 4.5 stars on average. Why? It flat out works and won’t break the bank. Get it from Amazon for $6.99


29. Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer

cool things buy on amazon

I wish I had one of these in my home office right now. Nothing worse than a sip of cold coffee…unless it’s mid-summer perhaps. This one by NorPro has over 700 reviews on Amazon and get an average of 4.5 stars per review. Get it from Amazon for $14.67


30. Datexx The Miracle Cube Timer

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All you have to do is set the timer by simply resting the cube with the desired time facing up – 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. An alarm will ring when the time is up. Get it from Amazon for $15.29

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