Do You Have Scrap Metal? Here Are 4 Amazing Advantages Of Metal Recycling


Published on October 8th, 2018

Recycling is a noble activity that requires the participation of every single individual. There’s no doubt that you have ever heard of the phrase ‘Reduce, reuse and recycle’.

This common mantra is taught in schools, universities and many other public forums. The process of recycling involves changing the shape, structure or chemical composition of a waste material in order to make it useful again.

Various materials such as plastic, waste paper and wood can be recycled. In a similar way, scrap metal can also be recycled, for example old aluminum rods can be converted to soda cans.

Metal recycling can only be done in specialized factories that have the appropriate equipment and expertise required to transform waste metal to useful items. So, if you have any scrap metal that you wish to recycle, be sure to contact a professional metal recycling company.

Here are some incredible benefits of metal recycling:

1. It Conserves Time And Energy

Scrap Metal

Metals are a precious resource which require a lot of time and effort to mine and process.

Through metal recycling, a lot of time and energy is conserved since it takes a shorter time to convert used metals to a new product as compared to mining and refining metal ore from scratch.

To put things in perspective, it has been found that if you recycle an aluminum can, you will be saving enough energy to light a 60-Watt bulb for up to 4 hours.


2. It Helps To Reduce Land Pollution

Land Pollutions

Can you imagine a world without recycling? Indeed, there would be barely enough room to move around. This is because heaps of rubbish would be found lying around everywhere.

According to Conserve Energy Future website, overcrowded landfills are one of the causes of pollution because every household produces tons of waste and garbage each year.

Garbage like cloth, plastic, aluminum and paper should be recycled in order to curb this problem.


3. It Can Be A Source Of Income

Save Money

Metal recycling firms are willing to pay lucrative rates for scrap metal such as aluminum jars, tins, copper wire and tubing.

This can be a great source of income for you and it will also help to get rid of waste material in your home, office or workshop. It’s definitely a win-win situation.

Hence, if you are conducting a large project around Miami and you’re in need of metal recycling services, simply contact 27 Recycling today.

They provide the best rates and high-quality services to suit your needs. Furthermore, recycling helps the economy by creating jobs.


4. Produces Less Emissions


Greenhouse gas emissions have continued to pose a serious challenge to environmentalists all around the world.

These gases not only cause respiratory problems, but they also contribute towards the depletion of our ozone layer which eventually leads to global warming.

The process of mining and processing of new metals from their virgin metal ore usually produces a huge amount of dangerous emissions.

However, metal recycling requires less energy, hence resulting in significantly lower emissions.

Images: pixabay