Are You Making A Long-Distance Move? Make A Smart Calculation About Your Mover’s Tip

a smart calculation for moving

July 29th, 2018   |   Updated on September 22nd, 2021

Paying tax is easy! But paying tips is a topic that draws in excess speculations. No one seems to be able to arrive at the best decision at one go. It holds true for movers and packers as well. It’s a known fact that the company is already paying the workers for the work done.

But sometimes, people want to spend a small tip as a token of reward and consumer delight. It automatically begs the question how much you should tip a movers service today. It holds true for a long-distance move!


How Much Should You Tip The Long-Distance Movers?

Long-Distance Move

So, you have a group of trained workers engaged in shifting your belongings for quite some time now. Know that it can increase your bill. And when this happens, should you be tipping 15% on a vast invoice amount?

Ask any decent moving company specializing in long distance moves, and you will get a standard answer. Most will say that tipping isn’t mandatory. It entirely depends on how much each customer wants to tip.


Questions That Cross Your Mind

Cross Your Mind

When the ball is in your court, you will mind will automatically throw up many thoughts. The prominent one being – the mover professionals are applying great effort and energy on your behalf to move your belongings and valuable property.

They probably are spending days and night on roads, considering yours is a long distance move. So, tipping a favorable amount will be like a “feel good factor” for these professionals for the service they do.

But are you sure that all your belongings and properties are in perfect shape and condition? You wouldn’t know it until you see it yourself as you unwrap the parcel.

It will take some time. Therefore, a smart call is to check the condition of your belongings once the shifting is over and then decide on the tipping amount.


What Do The Service Providers Say?

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Each standard movers and packers service providers, such as Good Time Moving & Storage and others have their views on tipping.

Most movie service providers suggest that the standard tip for any move that spans across multiple days varies anything between $50 and $200 per people on the team. And this has nothing to do with the moving bill tallies.

Hence, this brings some amount of flexibility to express your positive reception for the service that you’ve experienced. It will encourage the efficient moving team that has worked for you.


An Important Thing To Consider



To arrive at a tipping decision for your long distance move you need to address a couple of other aspects as well. For instance, ensure that the moving company you’ve partnered with does not add any extra service charge to your invoice.

It gets considered as a “gratuity included” type of a situation. You sure do want recompense the movers for their hard labor. However, at the same time, it’s a smart call to refrain from double tipping.

Transparency solves all problems. Before you decide on the tipping percentage for your long distance move, be prepared to ask a few critical questions if you have to.

It means you can always ask the moving service provider if they will add a service fee in the final invoice. If it’s a local move tipping 15% is perfect. And for long-distance moves, you can decide to pay anything between $50 and $200 for excellent service.

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