The Most Comfortable Boxer Briefs For Men

Boxer Briefs For Men

Published on January 12th, 2021

Have you ever considered that the most underappreciated garments in your wardrobe might be the most important? No matter how well you rock your jeans and tees, your cargo shorts and hiking boots, or your dressed-for-success-business suits, if you have neglected your underwear game, you’re not as well dressed as you might think.

Choosing The Best Underwear For You

Likely, you’re not investing a lot of time or energy thinking about your underwear. Since childhood, your primary thoughts when reaching for clean underwear each morning trace back to that deep-seated fear that your mother instilled in you. What if you’re in an accident? Do you really want to be caught in dirty underwear?

No one will argue that point, which is why you need to toss all those drawers with skid marks, stretched out legs, and holes in all the wrong places in the trash. But clean shouldn’t be the only selling point of your underwear.

To best care for the precious cargo that your underwear protects, choosing the perfect style, fit, and brand for you and your lifestyle is a huge deal.

Let’s break down the process of choosing the perfect and most comfortable boxer briefs for men.


First, select underwear that fits you well because we all know that size matters. Don’t buy the size you want to be. Buy the size you truly need. Pick a style and fit best suited for your body type.

The fit should be snug, so you don’t have to worry about sagging legs and bottoms, wedgies, or waistbands that are loose and roll down. The fit should still be the same after several cycles through the washer and dryer. If it’s not, avoid that style and brand in the future because the job of replacing your underwear is about as unappealing as having a root canal.


Boxer Brief For Men

While it might not sound very manly, you want to pay attention to the fabric of your boxer briefs. Soft and smooth-to-the-touch fabric will be much more likely to satisfy you with all-day comfort, so consider blends rather than the old-school 100% cotton of your childhood tighty whities.

You want a fabric that is flexible, stretchable, and maintains its shape well. Look for words like quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and breathable because during the heat of summer, sweaty workouts, or long hours riding in the car or sitting at your desk, you’ll want a fabric that can handle the moisture and keep you cool.


There are many different styles and brands of boxer briefs for men. Some have a fly; others don’t. You can find them with dual pouches, giving your private parts private space. You can decide between boxer briefs with long or short leg sleeves. Longer leg sleeves help prevent chafing and riding-up, but shorter leg sleeves might be better choices when wearing shorts.

No matter the details, make sure the design you settle on is well constructed and durable. You should expect them to fit perfectly for the first week you wear them, but a well-designed and constructed pair of boxer briefs should still feel good and fit the same months later.

The Bottom Line

Your underwear is most likely the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off every day, so you spend more time in your underwear than any other clothing you own. Take a hard look at your shorts and up your underwear game. Use this guide to help you expand your experiences by trying out new boxer briefs and finding the most comfortable ones for you.