Guide To Smoking CBD Hemp Flower

September 21st, 2020   |   Updated on October 5th, 2021

Hemp Flower is the flower of the hemp plant. This plant belongs to the Cannabis sativa-L species. The tissue of the whole plant (leaves, stem, roots, and flowers) contains more than 100 chemical compounds called cannabinoids. The major cannabinoid is called cannabidiol (CBD).  Because it’s easy to buy CBD flower  it has become a popular method to treat many different conditions. A lot of hemp flower for different uses are available on

CBD has numerous medicinal properties; acting as a cure for anxiety and stress, cancers, acne, and a host of other ailments. The way it is administered affects its effectiveness. It can be smoked or ingested. This article is a guide on the smoking method of administration.

Smoking Hemp Flower

All parts of the hemp flower plant contain the beneficial cannabinoid CBD. However, it is found in the highest concentration in the flower buds. These flower buds are very convenient when the smoking method is used for taking CBD hemp. There are several methods of smoking the CBD hemp.

Rolled Cigarettes

  • CBD hemp flower buds contain the highest concentration of CBD in the whole plant. They contain what scientists call high spectrum CBD, and they are ideal for smoking. To prepare them for smoking the buds are first dried. They can be dried in the sun or a low heat oven. They are then rolled in cigarette paper and smoked in the normal way. Since hemp contains very little or no THC (the cannabinoid which causes a euphoric high in users) there is no intoxication. Those who prefer a dose of nicotine in the rolled cigarette can use specially made nicotine-coated paper.
  • The main advantage of the smoking method is that the CBD goes straight to the lungs via the respiratory tract. It makes a direct entry into the circulatory system and thus effective use of it is made possible.
  • Another great advantage is that it enables the 100 plus other useful cannabinoids in hemp to be made use of. This is unlike the other methods of taking the drug.

Use Of Pipes

Some people prefer to smoke hemp buds in pipes. As in using rolled cigarettes, the buds are first dried. They are then placed in a cavity in front of the pipe. A finger is used to grind the dry buds into a fine powder and then lit.

  1. The smoke passes through a hole in the middle of the pipe handle. The benefits are the same as those in the case of rolled cigarettes. The inhaled smoke goes straight to the lungs then diffuse directly into the bloodstream.
  2. The other beneficial cannabinoids are similarly absorbed. They, therefore, start working immediately.
  3. Some pipes are fitted with water filters behind the cavity holding the lighted hemp. The smoke from the lighted hemp passes through this water before inhalation. This filtering process has the advantage of removing harmful soot from the smoke, making the inhaled smoke cleaner.


Another smoking method is vaping. A disadvantage of the oral method of ingesting medicines is the time lag between taking the medicine and the time it starts to act on the body tissues.

  • When the oral method is used, the medicine has to pass through the digestive tract, broken down into absorbable form, absorbed into the bloodstream, transported to the tissues before it starts taking effect. Not so with the smoking methods. With smoking it is a few seconds to the lungs, milliseconds into the bloodstream, another few seconds and it’s ‘on-site’.
  • Vaping is a special type of smoking. Vaping ensures that other cannabinoids found in hemp are absorbed simultaneously with CBD, with beneficial results. The actual vaping process involves the use of a battery-operated electric cigarette. It is fitted with a cartridge filled with a nicotine-flavored liquid, which is heated into a vapor (gas) which is then inhaled.

In conclusion, smoking methods are more effective as CBD administration methods. The CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids get to ‘sit’ quicker and almost none is lost.