What Do Girls Like? Amazing Gift Ideas That She Actually Wants

Girls Like

Published on October 10th, 2019

Regardless of the occasion that can be her birthday, your anniversary or simply no occasion at all, every girl appreciates a thoughtful gift. Girls like when you listen to them and invest some time in thinking about the perfect gift for them.

It’s not an easy task, because, in order to find an absolutely amazing present, you have to know your girl and her preferences well.

Read on if you’re interested to learn about some gifts that women actually want from their significant others and maybe an idea will pop in your head.

1. High-End Sheets

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Quality sheets are something every girl wishes to have but rarely buys.

There’s nothing better than sleeping on soft cotton sheets! There are so many colours and patterns available to choose from and you can order them online or go to the actual store and pick a set that will delight your girlfriend or wife. When choosing the set, make sure that the pattern matches her (or if you live together, your) bedroom.

And if you wish to impress her, opt for a sheet bundle, which consists of a fitted sheet, four pillowcases and a duvet cover.

Besides luxurious cotton sheets, you can also get some silk sheets and pillowcases, which are a great option as they keep your girl’s skin hydrated and they also reduce frizz and hair damage. We’re sure your girl is going to appreciate your thoughtfulness!

2. Timeless Jewellery

Thoughtful gifts your girlfriend will love definitely include timeless jewellery. The options are infinite for this gift.

First, you need to decide what kind of jewellery to get her: a pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or perhaps a ring? When you decide on the type of jewellery, you need to consider the material: is it going to be gold (pink gold, white gold), silver, or maybe diamond? And when you decide on these two crucial steps, you’re ready to start your search.

Always have in mind what she likes and wants. When you find the perfect piece of jewellery, you’ll know.

One final touch you can add is to have the jewelry monogrammed – it will sweep her off her feet! You can engrave a special date, a mindful note or perhaps some romantic poem lines. Remember to wrap it up nicely.

3. Flowers Forever

bouquets of flowers

All the women love flowers and it’s not a cliché! Colourful and fresh flowers arranged nicely in decorative boxes, glass cases or vases are sure to leave every woman breathless.

They especially make a great impact if you buy them without any special reason, just to be considerate and to say ‘I love you and I’m thinking of you.’

The factor of surprise will be even greater if you order flower delivery to her apartment or work. Just make sure to choose flowers that she likes, in that way you’ll show her that you know her well and that you listen to her.

4. Thoughtful Photo Album

On the list of gifts your girlfriend actually wants is definitely a personalized photo album or a scrapbook of photos.

This considerate gift is every girl’s dream. By giving a custom-made compilation of your photos together you show that you deeply care.

However, this gift requires you to start preparing it on time. First, you need to search for photos and to have them printed out.

Next, you need to find the perfect means to display them. You can opt for a classic photo album or a scrapbook, or maybe a set of photo frames.

Then, you need to think about the details: what to write about each photo, maybe to put a date on if you have it, to order them chronologically or to make a story out of your photos. The sky is the limit!

5. A Luscious Jewellery Case

Makeup Case Cosmetic Bag Travel Makeup Train

If your girl likes jewellery, then she would definitely also like an elegant and spacious, well-organized jewellery case.

This is something a girl with jewellery needs, but maybe never has the means to buy it. Somehow it always ends at the bottom of the list but it is actually a necessity.

You can find these in many colours and prints, with different storage organization ideas and display options. You can even buy these in leather, which guarantees quality.

Many companies that sell these fashionable jewellery cases also offer the option of monogramming them, which makes them quite special and unique.

6. An Unforgettable Adventure Trip

On the other hand, besides these useful and practical gift ideas, there are some other types of gifts, which some girls prefer.

We are talking about holidays, getaways, trips and excursions, which are basically all investments in experience and not a material object.

If your girl likes travelling, surprise her with a romantic weekend getaway or book an adventurous trip somewhere your she always wanted to go.

Consider her desires and preferences as well as destinations carefully, so she would be surprised – but positively! This kind of gift can serve time to get to know each other better or to learn something new about your partner.

7. A Super-Cozy Bathrobe


Surely, there isn’t a person in the world who wouldn’t love a super-cozy and soft bathrobe. And yet, somehow we never seem to indulge in buying one for ourselves.

But if you know that your girlfriend or wife doesn’t have one of these or her old one is torn and worn out, or it’s simply of bad quality, consider giving her one as a present.

She will certainly appreciate the gesture. Try to find one in the colour she likes and make sure it’s made from highly-absorbing material for the best effect.

It’s never easy choosing a gift for a loved one. However, if we know the person well and we make efforts to think about, search and wrap a perfect present – we can bring true joy to the person we love by making them realize that we care about them deeply.

Remember, for the best effect – wrapping the gift up as well as its visual presentation is equally important as the gift itself.