How To Attract The Best Drivers To Your Trucking Business

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Published on June 25th, 2022

There are skilled worker shortages in various industries, and trucking may be one of the most affected ones. With a shortage of workers, it can be challenging to attract, onboard and retain quality drivers.

If you have a shortage of quality drivers, it won’t matter if you have the best vehicles, technologies and equipment that the best commercial truck loans can buy. Without good, reliable drivers driving the trucks, it all means nothing. Here are several strategies to help you find, hire and retain the best drivers.

Seek Out Millennial Drivers

Many industries are seeing their most experienced and responsible workers begin to retire and are having difficulties filling the gap through traditional recruiting strategies. Younger drivers don’t look for work in the same way previous generations have, so it’s important to cast a wider net and meet them where they are.

Utilizing social media to increase the reach of your job posting is one of the best ways to reach millennials and Gen Zs. Additionally, these generations are frustrated by the increasing time it takes to make their way through the application and hiring process, so it’s essential to look at your processes and cut out unnecessary steps that are offputting to prospective younger drivers.

Younger generations are also more willing to move between jobs for better work-life balance, so incorporating and highlighting benefits and perks that promote this balance will likely garner a lot of interest and make younger drivers want to work for you.

Promote Company Culture

Experienced drivers know that while salary and benefits are vital, they aren’t everything. Having a positive company culture is an increasingly desired and sought-after factor. Company culture in an industry where many workers are often out on the road can be difficult to foster, but ultimately drivers seek to work at companies where they are respected and supported.

Many drivers feel their employers don’t help them when issues arise with clients or law enforcement. Take a moment to consider your company culture and whether you are there to support your drivers and show them your respect. Ensure your company promotes a healthy work environment and promote it in job postings.

Invest In Technology

Seeking out and appealing to younger drivers and promoting benefits and culture that speak to workers will go a long way, but if they find outdated and inefficient technology, they likely won’t stick around for long. It makes their job unnecessarily difficult and even unsafe.

Investing in new technology that promotes the health and safety of both the driver and the vehicle will make drivers’ jobs easier and make them happier to come to work.

The shortage of drivers isn’t expected to subside anytime soon, so it’s absolutely vital to take the time to make changes to your company to make it attractive to new and younger drivers.