Best Smart Casual Guide For Men During The COVID-19 Crisis

Casual Guide For Men

Published on May 26th, 2020

As I was enjoying my morning “quarantine“coffee, wondering how to begin this text, an idea occurred.

Let’s talk about how to dress well and look smart casual, or simply smart and stylish in 2020. while staying at home most of the time during the covid19 crisis?

Should we pay the same attention to our look and accessorize the same way we do in a regular situation and should we accessorize at all? The answer is YES and YES! Absolutely! You certainly don’t want to look traditional, too formal and old-fashioned, so what you really need is a piece that will be like a breath of fresh air on you.

Some of you (if not most of you) may be asking yourselves why waste time on picking garments from wardrobes, when we all know that it’s our pajamas that give us the ultimate comfort, right? Well, do think again please.

You are allowed to look stylish at home and you should, first of all because of good working habits and your mental health too! So, remember that not only fabric, cut and length make the difference in fashion, but a good accessory too!

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For example, a nice piece of fine quality jewelry, such as Tiger Eye bracelet, or Howlite Classic bracelet, enriched with a gorgeous tiger eye gemstone. All of the Azuro Republic bracelets are made for modern gentlemen and any occasion and any place. You can also match them with your favorite watch, for some extra luxury and style. When You choose to own an Azuro Republic piece, you choose to be a true modern gentleman, all the time!

There is one simple step that brings a man closer to class and glamour. Make that step every day by wearing the Azuro Republic on your wrist.

It will get you out of a boring daily routine. While trapped at home and feeling restless and maybe a bit worried, it can take you to a glamorous and inspirational journey that will, for sure, give you self-confidence, and make you a smart casual, classy and put-together guy that knows exactly what he wants!

If something is worth doing, then it is worth overdoing! So feel free to make your wrist look attractive and Yourself to look impeccable with the Azuro Republic!

Here is how to stay stylish and in a good fashion shape, while working from home:

  1. Try to avoid wearing baggy clothes.
  2. Always look clean, neat, and wrinkle-free.
  3. Choose smart accessories (quality watches, bracelets, glasses only if you are outside), in order to look smart casual and modern.
  4. Avoid wearing too formal and strict outfits like monochromatic suits with ties, it is outdated even when you go to your office every day!
  5. Do not wear anything with too many pockets on it.
  6. Do not use T-shirts and shorts.
  7. Do try to avoid any eye-catching patterns, on any garment.
  8. Fine fabrics such as cashmere, merino wool, silk, and organic cotton make the difference while giving you all the comfort you need!
  9. Always have a positive attitude towards your personal style.
  10. Try different smart casual combinations, find the best one for yourself!

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Considering task number 10 from the previous list, I can give you a few examples of how to dress smart casual. It is all about finding the perfect balance between good quality clothes and accessories.

So, you could wear a beige comfy well-fitted blazer and a nice organic cotton T-shirt underneath, with some gorgeous soft pants containing cashmere.

You can complete this look with an Azuro Republic bracelet and a nice luxurious watch. This look will make you feel cozy and smart at the same time.

Also, you could opt for a looser fitting shirt, dark-colored, with also some dark-colored chinos (for example navy blue). With good accessories from the Azuro Republic you will look smart casual and well-dressed even if you have to spend the day at home.

Wearing jeans is also allowed in smart casual style, but you have to be very careful with your choice, as they should not look too baggy or too tight and they have to be made of finest denim fabric.

To complete your look, you can wear a spectacular Azuro Republic Gold enamel turquoise obsidian bracelet!

Whether you are dressing for a day at home or the office, or for going out with friends for an afternoon cocktail, accessories are what you need to give your style “the stamp” of a higher class, intelligence, self-confidence, and ultimate luxury.

There is no better way to achieve all this, than by wearing the Azuro Republic. So, enjoy them and stay safe!