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How To Choose The Best Wool Duvet For You

Wool Duvet

Published on May 13th, 2019

People all over the world generally used to buy down or down alternative comforter. The wool comforter is the old concept for making a comforter. But the wool which is used at present to fill the comforter is different from the past. The raw materials of wool comforter come from the same source as past.

But this raw wool is refined by a sophisticated process to make it allergy free, soft, and fluffy. Additionally, there are different types of sources of wool and different types of refining system to make this wool usable and healthier. So, You have to have a clear idea about the wool comforter. So, Please read our wool comforter buying guide below.


1. Select The Types Of Wool

 Wool Duvet

There are different types of wool comforter available in the market. The most popular types of wool comforters are made from, Australian wool, Organic wool, Alpaca wool, etc. You can search for the best wool comforters at pillowbedding.

Some types of wool comforter are filled with 100% natural wool. On the other hand, but some wool comforter uses wool and synthetic planned fiber to increase user satisfaction against allergic. But the manufacturer of organic and pure wool comforter also ensures the hypoallergenic nature of their wool comforter.


2. Size Of The Wool Comforter

There are different types of size of the wool comforter. You can get it as a king, Queen, twin and crib sizes. So, You have to measure your bed and match the comforter size with the size of the bed.

Additionally, If you are a single user than the twin, crib is the best size and even you can get below standard sizes as well for a specific comforter. For spouses and family, King/ Cal king or queen /full-size wool comforter is the best.


3. Thread Count

 Wool Duvet

You can get 233 thread count to 400 thread count wool comforter in the market. more thread count increases the quality and durability of the comforter. On the other hand, more thread count increases the price of the comforter.

So, to get the best quality you have to increase your budget. If you want a moderate level of thread count with an affordable price than Australian wool comforter can give you the best result.


4. Wash Ability

Check the wool comforter care label instructions. Make sure that it should be machine washable because you will face difficulties to wash it by hand. In addition, ask the seller to learn details about its washing instructions.


5. Wool Comforter Cover

 Wool Duvet

Some wool comforter requires wool comforter cover such as sleep and beyond wool comforter. Other types of wool comforter do not require Wool comforter cover as an extra cotton cover makes them. Wool comforter cover can save your Wool comforter from dust mites but you need to change the cover and wash it separately.

On the other hand, Alpaca wool comforter does not require extra cover because a cotton sheet is used to cover the wool-filled comforter.


6. Color Selection

Normally, most of the wool comforter has a white color cover but you will get an exceptional view form sleep and beyond wool comforter, as its color is ivory.


Final Verdict

So, I hope this information will give you a clear idea about the wool comforter. So, match this information according to your requirement and go for buying the best wool comforter for you.