The Biohacking Concept

Biohacking Concept

Published on January 6th, 2021

You have come across the term hacking but reflecting other aspects like email hacking, smartphone hacking, and computer hacking.

Have you ever thought of hacking-related to your body? The body-hacking concept is called biohacking as was stated by the experts from It may sound like an overly technical concept, but it involves self-improvement via different mind and body methods.

Among the biohacking, methods are dynamic sequential compression, cryotherapy, and red-light therapy. When you combine the techniques, you improve your overall performance in your daily activities. Read below to learn more about biohacking.

The concept of biohacking is comprehensive, and it is still evolving. However, for now, you need to understand the basics of biohacking as the practice of modifying your physiology using science and self-experimentation to improve the body’s status.

Among the changes, you need to implement to improve your body include lifestyle, dieting, and wearable technology to regulate your overall thinking.

You can wear FitBit or Apple watch devices to track your activities. You can also try out a new technique in your life, like listening to music to experiment with its essence. Another way to embrace the biohacking concept is to try out a new diet.

However, if you are ready to implement something new in your life, you can try the following strategies to see if you will achieve your desires.

Cryotherapy- Biohacking The Circulatory System

Also known as cold therapy, cryotherapy involves exposing your whole body to very cold temperatures, which causes vasoconstriction in the entire body.

When you go back to average temperatures, the blood flows back to different parts of the body while carrying vital minerals and nutrients. At this point, the body is under the state known as the endorphin rush.

If you fear low temperatures, you don’t have to worry because it takes 3 minutes, and you are done.

Again, people have many activities to attend to, so it can be hard to take whole one-hour practicing cryotherapy, but three minutes are reasonable. Celebrities who use cryotherapy to perform better are Floyd Mayweather and Usain Bolt.

Intermittent Fasting- Biohacking The Diet

The health status of a person matters a lot. That is why biohacking your data is a concept everyone must know of. At the end of the end, we must eat to survive. However, the questions are we taking the right carbs? What about sugars? What are the best fats?

Some studies have shown that we can eat anything but the timing matters a lot. Experts have explained in different ways how intermittent fasting can help standardize your nutrition intake. With intermittent fasting, you not only lose weight but also gain energy and muscles.

To understand the concept of intermittent fasting better, you have to know the state of your body. As the body digests and absorbs food, it is in a fed state, and it takes place within five hours. On the other hand, when the body is resting, it is under a fasted state whereby hormones grow faster and reduce insulin resistance.

Supplements – Biohacking Your Function

To have a stabilized life, there are some aspects you must consider. For example, you need to develop the right mindset, you need to eat well, and you need to exercise. With biohacking, you can use supplements that promote the good life.

You can take supplements in the form of drinks, pills, bars, and shakes to get the extra energy to improve your performance. Again, we can as well detoxify the body system to get the required energy levels.

The Red-Light Therapy- Biohacking Your Health

If you have ever spent more time indoors, you will realize that it reaches a point and your body can’t take it anymore. The brain and the body require light at some point to keep functioning as needed.

As a result, the sun plays a significant role in our daily lives. Yes, it gives us Vitamin D, but that is not all. There are other emotional and physiological benefits we get from the sun.

Red-light therapy has proven to help many conditions, especially in relieving pain, restoring body function, and reducing inflammation. Since the red-light therapy is natural (no chemicals), you have to worry about side effects, unlike other biohacking forms.

Gratitude – Biohacking Your Mindset

We should view our lives in a positive aspect because our perception of life affects our overall moods. A positive mindset is the beginning of showing gratitude. You tend to see the positives more than the negativities.

The only way to embrace a positive mindset is to be ready for change. Since change is a gradual process, you start practicing positivities.

You train the brain to see the best in everything other than the wrong side. With time, your brain will adapt to positive mindset activities. You can practice the following techniques to embrace positivity:

  • Take a walk, and you appreciate the positive things that happened in your life
  • Write down positive things you are proud of in a journal
  • Meditate before you start your day
  • Reach out to someone who has helped you in one way and say thank you.


Life is a beautiful journey. We all have our priorities. However, the biohacking concept is the best practice to live the best life. There are many activities you can participate in to live a positive life. It starts in the brain.