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12 Things You Must Know Before Booking Thailand Tour Package

Phuket, Thailand

May 2nd, 2019   |   Updated on May 23rd, 2023

Thailand is the favorite holiday destination of every person as it has a sense of energy, adventure, and hectic cities.

You will get amazed every time by every visit to Thailand so here are some things that you must know before visiting Thailand:

1. Weather In Thailand


Before booking Thailand tour packages, you must know about the climate of Thailand. Thailand weather is not extremely hot as the breeze of the ocean cool off the islands.

Its pleasant climate is the main reasons for the tourists to travel to this beautiful place. In Thailand rain comes unexpectedly like an uninvited guest, therefore it is advisable to carry light rain jackets in your backpack.

2. Currency

Thailand uses the Thai Baht and the currency exchange changes over time, and it is recommended to carry local currency with you. ATMs are available everywhere, and you can easily change your currency into Thai Baht.


3. Best Time To Visit Thailand

Suan Nong Nooch in Thailand

When we travel to someplace we make sure that we visit the place in that season when we can enjoy it to the most. The best time to travel to Thailand is in the rainy season which starts in July and lasts till the end of October.


4. Safe To Travel

Thailand is very safe for tourists and is trusted by millions of people who often travel to Thailand in their vacations. The country puts safety as an important issue, and they are best in order to maintain this safe environment for tourists.


5. Take Off Your Shoes

A vital travel tip is to take off your shoes when being asked. Thailand has a rule of etiquette to leave the shoes outside a local home, local shops or authentic restaurants. Please leave your hiking boots at home as you may be going to wear those shoes once or twice.


6. Buddha Statues

Buddha Statues

Thailand main religion is Buddhism and on your Thailand trip, you are going to visit Buddha statues. There are many different statues where Buddha is sitting, lying, golden, white, standing, wooden, etc. Wat Pho is the most famous place and is located 150km north in Bangkok and is 92 meters tall.


7. Muay Thai

Thai Boxing is the number one sport and this martial art is just like kickboxing but includes elbows and knees. In all tourists spots, you will find Muay Thai show, is one of those unique things that you can do in Thailand vacation.


8.  Renting A Motorbike In Thailand


Thailand is not the country of motorbikes, but you will see people driving a motorbike in Thailand. In Thailand renting a motorbike for a short day trip is a fantastic experience. A motorbike will cost you much but be aware not to get scammed.


9. Affordable Luxury Stay

Thailand tourism is doing really well for luxury travelers and is fantastic. But some locations like Phuket and Koh Samui are a bit expensive but in the rest of Thailand, you can easily find 5-star hotels in budget.


10. Crazy Monkeys

Crazy Monkeys

It is advisable to take care of your accessories like sunglasses, hats, cameras, as these things are more loved by the monkeys of Thailand. There is no need to be afraid of them, but try to not approach near them so that you don’t let a monkey ruin your Thailand holiday.


11. Khao San Road

Many countries have a famous street, which attracts many tourists and similarly, Thailand has Khao San Road, which is the most famous backpacking street in the world.

A 500-meter long street has two Mc Donald’s, two Starbuck’s, two Burger Kings, uncountable street vendors, massage salons, bars, clubs, market stalls, restaurants, and souvenirs shops which make this one of the most bustling streets. This road stays in the heart of Thailand tourism.


12. Maeklong Railway Market

It is a small authentic market, at some moment there is a hustle bustle market under umbrellas with stalls scattered along the railway track and the next moment train passes right through the middle of its market. The train market is open from 6.20 am to 5.40 pm. It will give you something truly amazing experience to capture.

The country is so big and has a lot of things to do. So, plan a trip to the Land of Smiles in the near future.