4 Corporate Perks For 2020

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Published on October 21st, 2019

In this era, a company needs to be a little more progressive in their thinking.

Gone are the days of handing over small gifts of encouragement to employees and hoping that they are going to enjoy them.

Nowadays the employees want a bit more and here are some corporate perks that can be implemented in 2020.

1. Sick Leaves

employee perks

Sick employees keep coming to the office in fear that their pay may get cut because of their absenteeism.

However, a sick employee cannot perform well is something that most companies need to understand.

So, increase the number of sick leaves so that they can be a little lenient and take rest when required.

2. Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Every person thinks about his family in case he falls sick or suffers a worse situation.

At times for employees finding a reliable health insurance policy is tough and if you can arrange one that covers all costs and gives him a tension-free future than that would be the best gift.

3. Maternity And Paternity Leave

Maternity and employee discount programs

A new addition to the family not only changes life for the mother but the father is affected too. By giving maternity and paternity leaves you are giving the people a chance to relax as they embrace parenthood and adjust their life accordingly.

Apart from that even when the new mother joins back allowing them work from home and shorter shifts can help her in giving the childcare along with working for you.

4. Staying Fit Plans

Staying Fit Plans and employee discount

Fitness is the latest craze however employees argue that they rarely get a chance to the gym as their work schedules are pretty tight.

If you give them gym passes or set up one in your office the motivation to stay fit as they do not have to go any further to do so.

Apart from that you can also arrange a nutritionist who can guide them into managing a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced meal.

While these are just a few of the corporate perks that would be quite popular in the coming year you could make the process of working a little easy. Offer them a chance to work from home and arrange day-care for parents with small kids.

This would solve their personal problems and give them the peace to deal with work-related matters.