How To Claim Compensation Due To Dangerous Highway Defects?

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Published on November 6th, 2019

Traveling is a significant part of our daily lives. We require traveling for our personal or occupational tasks. While travelling, if you have experienced an incident such as tripping over a perilous pavement or dangerous pothole in the road, then you are eligible to make a compensation claim.

Public roads or highways can have defects, and the higher authorities are entitled to take action to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Any delay or negligence can cause death or serious injury to someone.

No amount of money can take your injury away, but fair compensation will cover your medical bills and other financial loss caused by accident.

It is always recommended that in case of an accident, you need to hire a lawyer to support your case and claim a fair compensation amount. Ravid & Associates have a history of procuring settlements for a number of clients.

We are enlightened with the extensive knowledge and skills to handle the compensation settlement procedure until it is resolved.

To know about some important tips on claiming compensation for such accidents, read this article further.

1. Take Pictures Of The Defect

Take as many pictures as you can of the defect that caused you injury or proposed risk of injury. Some of the highway defects include potholes, guardrail defect, missing/incorrect signs, and overgrown bush/blocked view.

Make sure you have enough pictures as a piece of evidence along with the pictures of your damaged vehicle. The pictures should be clearly showing the defects, e.g., if it is a pothole, the images should be able to show the depth of it.

2. Jot Down Other Important Details

Other than taking pictures, write down important information, including the name of the road, date, time, and location of the defect. All these important details will help you make your case stronger and will assist your attorney in making a serious claim to attain a settlement.

3. Hire An Attorney

As you might be busy with your medical treatment and tests, it would be a wise decision to hire a lawyer who will work on your case. He will be able to do all the calculations and claim a fair amount of compensation.

The lawyer will have enough information about the compensation policies about the highway defects and will strengthen your case against the company.

In addition to that, he will attend all the meetings on your behalf and take the legal steps while you are busy recovering from the injury.


Whether you have been in a serious accident or a small risky one, it is important to make a claim for compensation for your loss.

Do not wait and take professional help as soon as possible by hiring an attorney. Your work is just to provide all the important details along with the images to your lawyer.

Ravid & Associates will take over from there by taking charge of your case. We will do all the calculations for you, including medical bills, wages, travel costs, and other important expenses.

In case of any incident happened to you or your loved one, please get in touch with our professional attorney as soon as possible. However, to save yourself all this hassle, drive safe, and wear a seat belt.