How To Dealing With Unruly Passengers

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Published on July 1st, 2019

There are a million and one reasons to become a Lyft driver. You get to set your own schedule, explore, meet new people, and make some cash along the way.

Still, not everything is roses for Lyft drivers; sometimes, you have to deal with unruly passengers. Ridesharing companies are attempting to deal with this issue in various ways, but the following will help you handle most drivers you may encounter.

Dealing With The Eater

People are encouraging drivers to join Lyft; they’ll be a part of the transportation revolution, which is good, but they may have to deal with unpleasant passengers, like the eater. This unpleasantness makes it hard for both people to move forward.

Ridesharing apps like Lyft are addressing this issue, but drivers can do something about it by speaking up. It is hard to clean food stains off of seats and crumbs from a vehicle’s carpet, so a passenger that eats is definitely a problem.

You can rate the passenger, but you need to take it a step above and say something to him or her. The moment you notice food, inform him or her that eating is not allowed in your vehicle, which is usually enough, but you can repeat the rule if necessary.

The Know-It-All Passenger

Another type of passenger that could make the driving experience a little less pleasant is the backseat driver who thinks he or she knows how to get to a location better than your GPS.

What makes these types of drivers a little annoying is they might talk over the GPS system, which could lead to making mistakes that can lead to time lost and wasted gas. You are going to have to speak up a few times because these kinds of passengers believe they are helping or are in a rush.

Rate them well if they let you do their job, but rate them low if the passenger begins to abuse you in some fashion. There is no way to avoid this kind of passenger completely, but you can stick to pickup zones where people are more chill, like areas where there are bars, restaurants, homes, or stadiums.

What To Do With Drunks?

Dealing With Unruly Passengers

Drinking is common enough, and these individuals know they cannot get home without a ride, which is where you come in. Drivers who work the weekends are probably going to have to deal with this kind of passenger at some point.

Passengers who call you early in the night, such as 10 or 11 may be intoxicated, but they can probably still hold it together. You are going to have be a little more cautious if you are hailed much later at night. It is easy to spot these passengers because they are vomiting, close to vomiting, swaying, or leaning over a pole or something.

You can prepare by having plastic bags ready for these passengers or placing plastic seat and floor covers before you even start the night.

Most of the time, these intoxicated passengers are too drunk to call you, so most likely it was a friend who contacted you. It is important that you ask this person to ride with you to help you deal with this individual who might not be awake by the time you get to his or her destination.

Of course, you are going to have to ask the passenger to help with cleaning costs if there are any, but you can do that through the app because this passenger may not be ready to talk to you about those kinds of details.

In the end, you are preventing drunk driving, so try to keep that in mind as you deal with this inconvenience, or you can also stop driving weekends or on days you know some people are going to be drinking a little too much.

Becoming a Lyft driver is still a good idea, and there are things you can do to deal with unruly passengers. In the end, the benefits of becoming a Lift driver outweigh the few issues you may encounter along the way, but the decision is yours. Hopefully, with these suggestions, the decision is easier to make.