4 Steps You Should Take To Choose The Right Dedicated Development Team

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Published on October 9th, 2019

Recruitment of any profile requires discretion and planning. However, when it comes to the development team precautions need to be a notch higher. Here we bring you 4 steps you can use to choose the right dedicated team for development.

1. Focus On What Do You Want Your Software To Do

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Have a discussion with your team and write down what kind of features you need in the system you have at present.

Which are the most crucial feature and what tech stack would help you suit the same? You have to put this all in writing, this would not only ease your confusions but when you sit down to discuss it with any other outsider you can do so clearly.

The notes that you prepare at this point would be your guide when you have to share them with your vendor.

2. Research All The Options You Have

You may have a clear idea about what you want to create and finding teams who have already done the same would be helpful. It is always wise to do a deep search on the internet and look around for such firms.

In case you are dealing with other companies you can take their suggestions and find someone who has expertise in the same field.

Look at the size of the potential candidates. If it is a large size company their capacity to handle your work would be higher as opposed to someone who is just starting to settle. Finally shortlist the companies you think are the most suitable.

3. Starting The “Interview” Process


After shortlisting, you would have to undergo a strict interview process for the company. Mostly you should go for video conferencing and follow the below procedure to ease the choice making.

  • You have a list of what you want the product to do but the team may have a viewpoint of its own. Listen to what they have to say and who knows you may get suggestions you would never have thought of. This is also an indication that the agency has the technical knowledge to achieve your goal.
  • Next, you need to enquire as to who would be handling the work in the company. Which experts would take responsibility and who would be the contact person to deal with.
  • How soon the team can start their work? Are they available at the moment?
  • What kind of involvement you would be able to give? Though they would be doing the work it is you whose suggestions and recommendations are most crucial.
  • How is their development model? As each change is made they would have to test and debug it accordingly.
  • You can ask the company itself and they would surely share the same with you. Mostly looking for companies with similar fields and sizes would be suitable and you should contact them and take their opinion.
  • Next, find out how flexible they would be the time and if there are any language barriers that may hamper your work. Even time zone differences can be a hurdle in smooth working.
  • Ask the costs involved and along with a clear indication of what you would get and the time frame for it.
  • Obviously, without support, you cannot expect your work to keep moving smoothly. In case there are any technical snags how the team would solve it is something that should be mentioned in your contract too.

4. Make Your Choice

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By now if you have followed all the steps you would be able to make a smart choice. Relax now as the team would be capable of handling your work and generating the results you want.